Friday October 5, 2007

Miami Carnival weekend


“Miami Carnival” is not the same thing as “Carnival,” but it’s something. See Sunday. Also, I believe there’s still time to register for the Spencer Tunick nakedness on Monday.




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  1. stephanie    Fri Oct 5, 01:50 PM #  

    Yay! Will you be subversive gardening with us?

  2. miaedu    Sat Oct 6, 01:03 AM #  

    Alex Harris, The Idea of Cuba, at Books and Books is on saturday not sunday at 7pm according to the b&b website link.

  3. alesh    Sat Oct 6, 03:57 PM #  

    Thanks — changed!

  4. Crumbs    Sat Oct 6, 05:54 PM #  

    I’m so glad I checked out your site this morning and read about Rock the Stitch. I’d never heard of it and it was so worth the drive – you made my day.