Thursday October 4, 2007

The bastards changed the time of the Museum Park meeting tonight from 6 to 4:30pm! WTF — they’re claiming conflict with a later event, but isn’t this a transparent effort to make it impossible for many people to come? Why isn’t anyone making noise about this?!

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  1. DJ_Kremlin    Thu Oct 4, 11:10 AM #  

    That’s the problem with this city. It will never have any culture it seems. It looks like city officials really don’t want museum park. I don’t know. I’d love to see it happen!!!

    And at museum park is where the Baylink station should be, taking riders to SOBE!!!!

    Bring on the trolleys!

  2. Fqau    Thu Oct 4, 05:50 PM #  

    Im glad they changed the meeting to this time. Who wants the typical useless whiny liberals trying to gum up the process?

  3. Wilder    Thu Oct 4, 11:39 PM #  

    Shucks. This is Miami. If the meeting time is 4:30 p.m., then it might just start at 6 p.m. If it’s not still going on and allowing comments at 6, then you know it’s a rook.