Thursday October 4, 2007

You know what, fuck House of India. I’ve been there a few times with friends (who insist on going regularly despite consistently bad treatment) and while the food is fine, the service is uncomfortable and weird. But this takes the cake: they had a lady arrested because of a misunderstanding over $3 on her bill. And it pretty much sounds like their mistake. I’m sorry for you people in Coral Gables with restaurants that feel like they can abuse you because there’s no competition, but this place needs to be boycotted. Update: Also, fuck the asshole Coral Gables police officer who thought it would be a good idea to arrest this woman, and the asshole police chief who agreed. (via whl)

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  1. DJ_Kremlin    Thu Oct 4, 03:36 PM #  

    WOW! This is quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. I know that Coral Gables cops are Anal but HOLY SHIT! This poor woman should turn around and sue the CCPD for false arrest and wrongful imprisonment.

    As far as House of India goes, they certainly will not be getting my business anytime soon. Shit, I’d be afraid to get arrested for leaving too small of a tip. ;-)

    Thanks for bringing this to those of us who refuse to listen to channel 7 news :-)

  2. Fqau    Thu Oct 4, 05:43 PM #  

    Dont do the crime if you cant do the time

  3. Cool Mike    Thu Oct 4, 06:21 PM #  

    Word up, that’s truly wack! I heard the story on the radio this morning. Cops dont see enough action so this was probably the highlight of his career.

  4. KEEPIN IT REAL    Thu Oct 4, 08:22 PM #  

    Fuck that yo, HouseofIndia has some of the most bombass curry, lentils and gulab jamun this side of Bombay. Yeah the guys are jerks, specially the younger main dude behind the register with the black turban but still yo 2 people at a Indian restaurant with a bill under $36? COMEON!!! And btw if anyone says “Go to Rajas” yr a douchebag.
    THANKS:Just keeping it real, LATES.

  5. alesh    Thu Oct 4, 09:59 PM #  

    Um, thanks for the tip, “YO,” I’m going to try Raja’s asap. Meanwhile, there’s a place a few blocks from me (between Collins and Washington) that I need to check out. My stand-by Indian places are House of India on 163rd and the place in Broward on Griffin Rd.

  6. dreaming    Thu Oct 4, 11:21 PM #  

    indians dont fuck around. some actress got arrested and run out of the freaking country for kissing richard gere, for crissakes!

    you better walk a straight line when you eat your chicken tandoori or else….

  7. miaedu    Thu Oct 4, 11:31 PM #  

    i can’t believe this place is still open. my last meal there was years ago. the food was mediocre and the service was abhorant. the waiter ran after us down the street demanding his tip.

    best indian hands down:

    1550 NE 164th Street
    North Miami Beach, FL 33162

  8. Franklin    Fri Oct 5, 12:25 AM #  

    We went there back in the late Nineties I think. We joked for years afterwards that we had been served Cambell’s Cream of Mulligatawny.

  9. P.O. Driver    Fri Oct 5, 01:55 AM #  

    Gables pigs – umm cops – have to arrest a lady for $3 beacuse they don’t have anything else to do, oh they can write traffic tickets. The Gables Dept. should be closed down and consolidated to Metro or something. I left flowers when that cop from Miami Dade was killed, but if it’s any gables nazi who buys the farm, I will go celebrate.

    And as far as the morons who run House of India, those coolies should either go stand behind the counter at a 7-11 or answer customer service for Dell. They need to grow up from their antique “morals”

  10. alesh    Fri Oct 5, 06:59 AM #  

    Oh great, now I’ve got the anonymous racist assholes on my blog.

  11. chris    Fri Oct 5, 07:32 AM #  

    I went to House of India when I first moved here form Britain (where the national dish is curry). The food was incredibly bland and mediocre, and now after this $3 incident I have even more to add when I warn people how crap House of India is. And yet another incident of the police in this county being incompetent.

  12. Biscayne Bystander    Fri Oct 5, 07:38 AM #  

    I can’t believe this actually happend. Why not just take the $3 from the waiter’s tip? This woman has a great civil suit against the City of Miami Police and possibly the House of India – which I will never patron again. If anyone is looking for great Paneer, try Anokha in Coconut Grove.

    Dreaming // There have been some pretty strong rumers involving Gere and a hampster.

    P.O. Driver // Next time, park your double-wide here.

    Alesh // perhaps your mantra is responsible for attracting the strays.

  13. I was there    Fri Oct 5, 08:14 AM #  

    I lived in India for a year and all I can say is “what a crazy time it was”

    I remember arguing with my landload over 30 cents!

    They are serious business people to a fault.

  14. skipvancel    Fri Oct 5, 08:50 AM #  

    Uh, leave the double-wides out of this.

  15. Jo    Fri Oct 5, 11:27 AM #  

    Well I worked there for a while, and I believe anything from those people.
    To miaedu, do you know that the servers there don’t keep the tip, you have to give it back to the boss, if you don’t make enough tip then you may get in problem because the think that you stole it, the guy was just trying to save his ass.
    The food is ok, but I never understood how could people stand the staff, I wasn’t polite at all, but they kept coming.
    Last time I went most of the people I knew were gone and I didn’t feel like going again but now i’m sure.

  16. mkh    Fri Oct 5, 01:49 PM #  

    Seconding the tip on Heelsha. A word of warning, though — the degree of spice in the food can be disorienting for the unwary.

  17. Rick    Fri Oct 5, 08:32 PM #  

    Hey Biscayne Bystander:

    Sorry, I’m afraid your interest in hampsters, gerbils and Richard Gere’s buttocks is a little too wack for SotP.

    But do yourself a favor, boy, and never underestimate your penchant for pretentiousness.


  18. Biscayne Bystander    Sat Oct 6, 10:39 AM #  

    Hi dRick!

    Seriously, bro, I don’t dig the guy thing. Stop asking.

    You enjoy your loofah without me.

  19. TWL    Tue Oct 9, 09:32 AM #  

    I have to agree with miaedu, Heelsha is the best goddamn Indian restaurant in Miami.
    THE BEST!!!!!!!!

    A warning for people who don’t have a tolerance for hot/spicy food, Heelsha, rates their curry spiciness from 1 – 10, anything above 4 is ridiculously hot.

    People need to check out this spot right now…(it is a hop away from Blue Note Records.) Makes House of India look like a roach coach.
    1550 NE 164th Street, North Miami Beach

    Alesh, do yourself a favor and check it out. You will not be dissapointed.

  20. mkh    Tue Oct 9, 11:47 AM #  

    As a follow-up to TWL, Heelsha is notoriously inconsistent with their spiciness — medium one time will be a bit tame, and the next time have you begging for a bowl of yogurt to douse the flames. But the food is just so damned good it’s worth the gamble.

    Man, I’m hungry now.