Monday October 1, 2007

A list of still-live Miami-related Geocities websites, including Early aviation photographs, the Coconut Grove juggling exchange, ‘Nicholas Dunn’’’s Story’, and the charming South Beach crew. You may also enjoy the Firefox extension Timemachine 1.0, which will make ANY website look like 1996.

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  1. Franklin    Mon Oct 1, 05:37 PM #  

    I spent many happy hours attending meetings of the Coconut Grove Juggling Exchange, which used to meet in the glass house in Peacock Park until the city turned it into a police station and neighborhood watch office. The Grove jugglers participate in the King Mango Strut every year. Dave Landowne teaches at Jackson, where he uses a four-ball pattern to demonstrate why the heart has the rhythm it has. Back in the day, Rob Hermens used to perform with hoop-jumping Maltese that probably knew two dozen tricks. If you don’t know how to juggle, drop by the UM breezeway and they’ll set you up. If you do, you probably know about them already. They’re an institution.

  2. alesh    Tue Oct 2, 06:22 AM #  

    OMG Franklin, please tell me you built that website. PLEASE.

    (BTW, it’s unique among the group in that it still googles #1 for the group’s name)

  3. Franklin    Tue Oct 2, 09:53 AM #  

    Sadly, I can’t take credit for the website.