Monday October 1, 2007

You’ve got to love the Miami Herald. A great expose on misuse of funds at the non-profit Miami-Dade Empowerment Trust (part one of three!) runs alongside a director’s commentary style article about the reporters reporting the story. Maybe part 2 of the story will include a sidebar on the graphic designer who laid out the page.

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  1. DJ_Kremlin    Mon Oct 1, 09:28 AM #  

    This really hits a nerve with me.
    Granted, I’m not all about building homes for the poor. Sorry, I’m a right winger who believes you should work for what you have. That said, throwing that kind of money to fly P-Diddy to Miami is just plain disgusting!!! First of all, homey can afford his own chartered jet. Second, the poor people really didn’t benefit from his stint at the music awards. And third, I have a personal problem with this piece of crap called P-Diddy. A few years ago we bought very expensive VIP tickets to a club on SoBe to ring in the New Year. It was promoted as a Trance/House music party. At about 11:45pm, Diddy decides to roll in with his entourage and take over the club. Literally. He walked in like he owned the place, one of his homies kicked the DJ off the decks and threw on his own music (hip hop) Then a couple of very large dudes came up stairs to the VIP room and basically stated the following. “P-Diddy has rented the club for the rest of the night, and has requested that all whities get the hell out.” We protested, but were forcefully ejected from the club. At just before midnight we were standing outside of this club, not offered a refund and celebrating NYE on the street!

    We of course sued the club, but they went belly up a few weeks after NYE.

    But I digress.

    I hate Diddy, and no kind of public money should be spent on making him out to be some sort of star. He’s just a piece of crap that got lucky. I’m really appalled at this article.