Monday October 1, 2007

Much of the fault for the less-than-ideal experience of going to the Carnival Center falls on the architect, Caesar Pelli. I lamented the selection of Pelli’s firm for the Center over two years ago, and it’s nice to see the dots connected this way.

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  1. DJ_Kremlin    Mon Oct 1, 09:13 AM #  

    Don’t know if this is true or not, but according to my father, who is a well known theatrical stage designer, the Carnival center’s designers made several oversights in the design of the building and halls. One that I find very amusing is the entrance to the Orchestra Pit, or lack there of. Apparently, when they designed the halls, they neglected to design an entrance into the orchestra pit. Now the orchestra must, with instruments in hand climb a regular old ladder in and out of the pit.

    Amazing. Honestly, it’s an interesting looking building, but apparently completely dysfunctional, according to professionals.

  2. Alec Stoll    Tue Oct 2, 11:19 AM #  

    DJ_Kremlin’s father is mistaken. There are two entrances to the Ballet Opera House orchestra pit, one from each side. There are also two entrances to the Concert Hall orchestra pit.

    I was a member of the design team of the Center, though not with Cesar Pelli’s office.

    Thanks for your interest.

  3. alesh    Tue Oct 2, 03:35 PM #  

    Interesting; my complaint with the CC buildings is sort of the opposite of what DJ Kremlin cites — I find them to be perfectly competently designed, even beautiful. (The interior space of the Knight hall is particularly spectacular, and quite innovative.)

    My problem is the lack of boldness of the buildings, more from the outside then within. Shoulda been Koolhaas.

  4. DJ_Kremlin    Tue Oct 2, 04:10 PM #  

    I stand corrected! :-)

  5. grammar nit-picker    Tue Oct 2, 06:46 PM #  

    Less THAN ideal.

  6. alesh    Tue Oct 2, 10:43 PM #  

    thx grammar, fixed. i now actively endeavor to get my then/than straight, but sometimes it slips by. preciate you helping me keep my shit correct.