Saturday September 29, 2007

William Burroughs is underrated Saturday

william burroughs


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  1. mkh    Sun Sep 30, 01:12 AM #  

    William S Burroughs is underrated pretty much all the time, not just Saturdays. I think American kids should have to memorize A Thanksgiving Prayer in school.

  2. The Man    Sun Sep 30, 10:40 AM #  

    What?! We’re too quickly forgetting a guy who shot his wife dead?! That is unacceptable! Such individuals are heroes of the patriarchy and must never fall into obscurity.

    Creative genius is an acceptable excuse for misanthropic behaviors of all sorts, as long as no actual men are harmed in the course of the misanthropy.

  3. Music Lover    Sun Sep 30, 11:04 AM #  

    Suggested retitled for this post:
    Eric Clapton is Overrated Sunday.
    That clip nearly made me vomit my cherrios.
    It seems as if Mr. Clapton may have watched Spinal Tap one too many times.

  4. cb    Sun Sep 30, 04:59 PM #  

    Not underrated by the waiter at the thai restaurant at 71st and Bay in Miami Beach. Check out his Burroughs tattoo.