Friday September 28, 2007

Kraftworks weekend





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  1. stephanie    Fri Sep 28, 06:21 PM #  

    Yay! Thanks for the bit!

  2. SurfTaxed    Sat Sep 29, 08:59 PM #  

    The Burkett Regime, led ostensibly by Mayor Charles Burkett, has “led” the Town into the darkest of times. No achievements or accomplishments for the people of the Town. Decisions reflecting the opposite of all of their campaign promises. Loads of publicity stunts, deception, and misuse of town resources.

    The Town Charter, which serves like a Constitution for the Town and as its most fundamental law, and which was approved and passed by the State Legislature as the basic document of the Town as an official municipal entity within the State, specifically addresses compensation of elected town officials.

    Town of Surfside Charter: Section 7: Salary.

    “the mayor and members of commission shall be paid the sum of one dollar ($1.00) per fiscal year for attendance at monthly council meetings, irrespective of the number of regular or special meetings attended within such fiscal year.”

    This current Town Commission has told the Town Manager to pay elected officials the sum of $500 per month, and most of them have already been taking it for many months now. It has only recently come to light. So far two of the members have not taken all of it, and the mayor (a multi-millionaire owner of dozens of commercial and residential properties and a person of huge personal assets) has not taken the $500 a month as a political ploy to appear to be a “man of the people”. He mocks us. They all do. This group allows elected officials to take $500 every month and they put the phony label of “expenses” on it. They do not submit receipts. They do not submit documentation. They do not submit proof of ANY actual legitimate expenses. They take the money and at a recent public meeting they admitted it and called it a “stipend”. A stipend is compensation. They also inferred that they do not report the money as income so they pay no taxes on it. In addition to the $500 per month, they take cell phones, computers, whatever they want, and the Town (the taxpayers) pays the bills. And still in addition to that, they admitted that many of them “travel extensively” and the town (the taxpayers) pays the bills. They go to all sorts of concocted things that taxpayers commonly refer to as “junkets”. THEY ARE TAKING US FOR A RIDE and we are picking up the tab.

    And exactly what are we getting for our money? NOTHING. Meanwhile, they took the Town Newsletter (Gazette) and turned it into a propaganda publication, filled every month with deception, distortion, and political rambling, all designed to suit their hoped for reelection and their hoped for extended terms of office. Yes, they want to get their terms of office extended from two years to four years. And oh yea, the newsletter: just two years ago the newsletter was an informative, low cost, simple town publication for the benefit of residents. Today, under the Burkett regime, the cost of the newsletter (paid for by taxpayers) has gone up by 500%, and now costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per year including printing, mailing, postage, and town staff time. That’s just a small part of why the Burkett regime has bloated the town budget to its largest size in the history of the town. This is not public service, far from it.