Saturday September 22, 2007

Text Saturday



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  1. mkh    Sat Sep 22, 11:04 PM #  

    Library Thing is in quasi-secret discussions with Google about linking the two.

    The hyphen story is interesting, and oddly synchronous, as i was just discussing the various forms of em- and en-dashes and how they differ from hyphens.

  2. alesh    Sat Sep 22, 11:26 PM #  


    The hyphen thing is via fimoculous, where I commented relevantly to your concerns. Check that ‘a list apart’ article — it’s great.

    It would be great if all your data-entry work into LT isn’t rendered redundant, but tell me: what, really, is the point of all this?

  3. mkh    Sun Sep 23, 12:58 PM #  

    For me it’s been two-fold. For one, it’s one of the few examples of a soc-net working for me — I’ve met a couple of kindred spirits via LT’s community, and the LT recommendation engine works pretty well by comparing mutual ownerships and tagging to find related works and authors. (The UnSuggester is also a hoot. You should try it.) For the second, though, it’s simple economics. I’ve had my home burglarized enough times to like having on-line reference of what I own in case a bunch of stuff goes missing. It came in quite handy when my insurance company questioned the four dozen DVDs the burglars stole the last time I was subjected to a little B&E action.

  4. Alex    Sun Sep 23, 04:22 PM #  

    The links in 3 and 6 are the same. Plus, are you sure Klostermann says the mannequin was from the Gap? He says J.Crew in the caption of the photo. I don’t have IV (Klostermann is repetitive) so I can’t check.

  5. alesh    Sun Sep 23, 05:47 PM #  

    mkh~ That makes sense. Knock on wood, I haven’t ever had my place broken into (and don’t have insurance regardless), but I’m sure there are other fun aspects; file under: someday/maybe. Unsuggester is pretty cool.

    Alex~ “He” doesn’t say — the slideshow captions are written in 1st person by somebody else just having fun; obviously somebody who didn’t even bother to read the book (which, yes, is fun but redundant after SD&CP).

  6. knowless    Sun Sep 23, 10:11 PM #  

    don’t understand the unsuggester thing and freemasons are all too scary…they have a hold on things i can’t grasp. oh, wow…more i don’t get…great…btw that link/video explains nothing! except the description about the compass and square, probably the coolest symbol of all time.
    klosterman is super dorky looking (and so is alesh.).