Friday September 21, 2007

Park(ing) weekend





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  1. Boba Fête    Fri Sep 21, 01:16 PM #  

    I think the CIFO opening was last night.

  2. JSKC    Fri Sep 21, 01:44 PM #  

    If you are fasting on Saturday, do not eat a big meal the night before. You’re stomach will streach and you will be more hungry than if you had a normal meal the night before.

  3. Crumbs    Sat Sep 22, 10:35 AM #  

    I love the PARK idea.
    I’ll mark my calendar for next year….or go crazy and talk folks in the Grove into doing it another day in the near future.

  4. Onajídé Shabaka    Sat Sep 22, 11:00 AM #  

    I love Tamayo’s work but, I’ll miss it. I’ve been so busy lately I’ve had no time. I’ll try and get some new shots of my hidden away location to share. :-)

    Every time I’ve been to CIFO it’s been closed. :-(