Friday September 14, 2007

Awesome New Republic reunite: Sayeth John Hancock in an e-mail five minutes ago: “It’s all official. I announced last night at the show that we’re getting the band back together. We added a real tight rhythm section so ANR will be a four piece. We’ll only be playing once in awhile to begin with until B Rob and his lady have saved up and taken care of business things to move back down to the MIA.”



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  1. otto    Fri Sep 14, 02:46 PM #  

    Awesome… is Awesome again! Miami will be better for it!

  2. knowlessS    Fri Sep 14, 05:49 PM #  

    can you post some samples of the not so awesome ANR? i remember hating them but i can’t remember why…and need to objectively criticize things for my own sake.

  3. cohen    Sat Sep 15, 03:23 PM #