Wednesday September 12, 2007

History-based Sprint ad

Sprint ad

The trend in cell phone marketing seems to be local flavor (there’s an AT&T ad with four palm trees as signal graphs making the rounds), and Spring comes in with this handsome entry, bearing the headline “Our signal is way caliente.” And featuring a light painting made on South Beach. I dig. But.

See the problem? Let me give you a hint. That’s right — the lifeguard stand in the photo was removed after last year’s hurricane season. I don’t think this particularly diminishes the ad (it does give a glimpse into the time-lines that go into producing things like this). But it sure gives lie to the idiot officials that claim the new lifeguard stands are as popular as the old ones. Picture this in the background of that image. Not so much, eh?

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  1. Irène    Wed Sep 12, 11:42 PM #  

    OK. You are SERIOUS? This is no joke? Oh wow. Not ‘way caliente’ in the least.

    Um, and as an aside, we’re coming in to visit and are wondering if Miami or Miami Beach has a fantastic independent espresso cafe specializing in in-house or local roasts and crafted Italian espresso drinks. Love the Cafe Cubano, but living in FL, I miss the Italianos coffee.

  2. swampthing    Thu Sep 13, 11:06 AM #  

    I dont watch much tv but how many times have we, the captive audience, seen those same tired tv commecials on local cable advertising themselves. Cripes-allmighty atlantic bband. logic says, if you are seeing it then you already bought their scrappy service. maybe cable can do something redeeming with all that interupting of network broadcasting like give local vid artist 15 seconds of airtime, fame.