Monday September 10, 2007

I hereby order you to love the Good News Social blog. Behind every good city there are good people, networking, and making things happen. This is their site.

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  1. Rr    Mon Sep 10, 11:27 PM #  

    pardon me but do happen to have any Grey Poupon?

  2. knowlessS    Tue Sep 11, 08:56 AM #  

    this is the scariest blog of all time.
    i refuse it.
    everyone on it is white….ughhhhh.
    “queen of hearts?” that woman looks plastic, must be all the surgery & botox (sp?)
    “junior opera tea guild?” those girls look like old ladies trapped in younger, bland bodies.
    sorry if this is too mean, nothing personal…?!

  3. Steve    Tue Sep 11, 08:59 AM #  

    Exactly what good things are they doing, and who benefits? Certainly a lot of upper-class posturing for photos and prominent mention, but precious little info on mission, causes, persons assisted, needs met, etc.

    Too often, South Florida’s primitive grasp on the philanthropy’s rationale is evidenced with a shameless pride that belies its ignorance.

  4. b.a.c.    Tue Sep 11, 09:28 AM #  

    Exactly what I was looking for A, a blog filled with viagra-toting-walker-assisted-nursing-heaven-bed-pan pics.

  5. Duran    Tue Sep 11, 12:29 PM #  

    Ah high society, always making life better for us savages.

  6. nonee moose    Wed Sep 12, 07:47 AM #  

    The life of the Almost Famous. I wonder if they drink and drive… or wear panties.

  7. TF    Thu Sep 13, 07:27 PM #  

    These people are the ones who support the arts in Miami. The very ones this blog is always talking and about.

    Not quite sure why you are making fun of people who are supporting hospitals, the arts, the American Cancer Society, and every other great cause.

    When was the last time any of you gave a dime to anyone out of charity? These people donate thousands every year.

  8. me    Fri Sep 14, 12:51 AM #  

    you don’t really know what you’re talking about…really.
    arts in this town are supported mostly by grants, not these plastered mummies….also, haven’t you heard of the performing arts center? heard what they’re dealing with these days? where are the great philanthropists you speak of? you don’t know….

  9. noneemoose    Fri Sep 14, 08:04 AM #  


    I’m sure lots of folks here give to charities and do volunteer work.

    As for me, I’m not gonna plaster my fucking picture on a blog to tell you all about it. I might not even remember to take the tax deduction.

    You putz.

  10. TF    Fri Sep 14, 08:52 AM #  

    The blog is a continuation of the society magazine. Why are you people being evil? It is like Hamptons Magazine or Park Avenue. Not quite sure what you are all jealous of?

    I doubt you morons have ever paid $50,000 for a table at a charity function which these people do more than once a year.

    Get your heads out of your asses you losers.

  11. noneemoose    Fri Sep 14, 09:37 AM #  

    LMAO. Hamptons or Park Avenue, you say?

    Well, then, my mistake. Carry on.

    Why is flat-out ridicule so often confused with jealousy? Must be the bellini-induced fog of self-importance.

    Air kisses.