Monday September 10, 2007

The state of the Art in Public Places program in Miami is a complete disaster. Many works have been lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed. This makes me want to cry, and I want whoever is responsible to be brought up on charges of criminal negligence. It’s time for us to stop putting up with all this neglect and corruption in our government.

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  1. I live here    Mon Sep 10, 09:10 PM #  


    I’m astonished and amazed by the level of stupidy….it’s like a rising tide of bullshit and stinky finger pointing.

    The end statment…’‘It’s not meant to be precious museum quality that should be around for hundreds of years,’‘ is a real zinger.

    So Mr. or Mrs. Rodriguez suggests that the county only buy non-precious perishable art work with tax dollars and if it goes missing it should not matter?!

    I’m speechless.

  2. Ines    Mon Sep 10, 10:35 PM #  

    Alesh, how sad is that! I totally agree. How can other cities have succesful programs and we can’t. What’s wrong with people and were is the control? Where’s the respect? Where’s the education?

  3. I live here    Tue Sep 11, 06:44 AM #  

    This story also best explains why cities like New York and the great cities of Europe have great Public Art and Miami has a Fuck Ugly Romero Britto sculpture or banner everywhere you look!


  4. I live here too    Wed Sep 12, 12:59 PM #  

    Art in Public Places doesn’t seem to be responsible for any of the Britto pieces! Look at their website:

    I think the Britto stuff is funded by private…idiots.

  5. w.mark coulthard    Fri Oct 19, 12:41 AM #  

    If bronze falling boxes and santeria symbols pass for art it is little wonder people have stopped complaining . We nearly had a dozen ugly gorgonesque mermaids at the port a few years ago
    ,we complained and the design was droped.The art in public places is little more than a closed shop committee who help themselves. The street art is there to be critiqued….expressively ! The staff at aipp have little awareness of the quality people expect. but they are just a reflection of a endemic problem with our expectations of art. after all for 40yrs colleges have been graduating students with little more than highschool abilities in a life room,even Hofman,picasso and miro agreed they had to learn to draw like raphael. Musicians learn scales,writers need spelling, actors their lines, artist’s must draw well…