Friday September 7, 2007

Gallery walk, wine, and maybe rain weekend

gallery of some sort

I just heard the weather prediction for this weekend on the TV: It might rain some. Or not. Maybe a little more on Sunday then Saturday. Not a washout by any means, probably. Sigh. Ok, here we go:




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  1. kingofrance    Fri Sep 7, 03:39 PM #  

    BPAC passed a resolution awhile ago to get rid of the bike pass for Metrorail. I’m not sure if you even need it anymore. I’ve never been asked for one.

  2. alesh    Fri Sep 7, 04:46 PM #  

    In that case I’m good to go for the CM ride. Take the rail to the Douglas Road station, then do this.

    It’s going to be dependent on getting my ass in gear by around 8:30 am, but recent experience suggests there’s a decent chance of that.