Thursday September 6, 2007

Museum Park Forum. I love the idea of a site like this, and while this seems pretty transparently anti-museum and somewhat wrong-headed (if you give people a list of 23 community-park amenities to choose from, don’t be surprised when it looks like people want a community park). Here’s the plan for Bicentennial/Museum Park. And FWIW, I still support a soccer field on Parcel B — soccer is one of the few things Bicentennial Park is currently used for.

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  1. b.a.c.    Thu Sep 6, 04:31 PM #  

    Look at that, the designs you linked for Museum park show a football pitch behind the AAA. It would be a damn shame if we get an eyesore cube for a museum there. Damn shame

  2. alesh    Thu Sep 6, 10:29 PM #  

    Correct, b.a.c.

    I can be persuaded on this point, but I think that a Bay of Pigs museum is 1) a good idea and 2) not a good idea for this site.

    My gut tells me that a soccer field, to be used as such by prior reservation, and as an open field for open use when not reserved, is the right choice for this site.

    Parking is a doubleplusmajor issue for the park in general, which I hope gets to be addressed soon. I look into my crystal ball and I see a garage on the NW corner of the lot. But thaz just me.

  3. anony    Fri Sep 14, 07:55 AM #  

    Soccer on parcel B?
    Water on 2 sides?
    Ever seen a kid chase after a ball?

    Will this be the first soccer field with lifeguards on duty?

    The city paid Partnership For Public Spaces to conduct a charette in 2004 regarding the entire Baywalk concept, the result of which was the following recommendation, among others:

    “no ballfields should be situated on Parcel B”

    Look it up.

    Why pay the world’s leading urban planning experts to study Parcel B if you’re just going to ignore such a blatant conclusion?

  4. alesh    Fri Sep 14, 08:17 AM #  


    Look it up? The way we do things here on the internet is that if you want to persuade a single solitary person YOU look it up, and link to it.

    As for soccer on Parcel B, if YOU were to look at the plan (which I linked above, hoping you might be bothered to click before subjecting us your opinion), you’ll see that there’s a fence and a baywalk between the field and the water.

    And as I said, in the three years since the study, soccer games have been one of main ways the park HAS ACTUALLY been used. That’s not a 100% argument for including the field there, but it should be enough to keep it from being dismissed out of hand. (I’d guess the soccer players would happily go to a field in a less prominent location if it was reasonably nearby. Where are you going to put it?

  5. anony    Fri Sep 14, 01:13 PM #  


    Soccer is a game where the ball can be kicked high, over any fence, and into the water – in the case of Parcel B – in two different directions.

    There is a poor quality PDF file on the internet that appears to be the final recommendation of the Baywalk study. For the life of me, I cannot find a version other than this one which appears to be from a bad photo copy:


    Uses and Activities for Parcel B

    Workshop participants generated a vast, diverse, and exciting list of
    potential uses and activities, which could be programmed for the site.
    These also would be appropriate for venues throughout the Bayfront,
    including at Bayfront and Bicentennial Parks. The idea is to have what-
    ever facilities and events activities Programmed for this site complement
    what is planned for and will take place in Bicentennial Park.

    . Restaurants, such as outdoor cafes, offering different styles of food
    and menus, including an Outdoor Bar & Grill, and small vendors
    preparing foods or selling prepared foods to create a marketlike

    . New retail uses. A bait & tackle shop to serve the adjacent marinas
    was suggested.

    . Markets, such as Collector markets (stamps) or a farmer’s market.

    . Dancing, including ballroom and square.

    Cultural activities, including concerts, movies and film screenings,
    dance and theatrical performances, annual sculpture installations by
    South Florida Artists and events that could take place year round.
    Community events like festivals and holiday celebrations, Picnicking.

    Events programmed by local institutions. The NBC station which
    has its studios on site could broadcast a show like the Today Show
    for Miami and people could gather on the site much like they gather in
    Rockefeller Center in New York, hoping to get on camera.

    The Miami Science Museum could locate its outdoor wildlife section towards
    the back of Bicentennial Park along the water.

    Recreational activities including a children’s playground with games
    and/or a water playground, a skateboard park (or ramps), water-
    oriented activities like paddle boat and kayak rentals, community
    boat ramps (in the FEC slip), “learn to swim” and “learn to bicycle”
    classes, providing fishing piers and places for people to fish. Small
    group and family-oriented activities, such as bocce and shuffle
    board courts, ponds/basins for toy boats were cited: ball fields were
    not desired here, but volley ball courts were suggested.

  6. anony    Fri Sep 14, 01:42 PM #  

    To view the Baywalk study PDF, Google this:

    “Reconnecting Miami to its Bayfront”

  7. anony    Fri Sep 14, 02:02 PM #  

    The Parcel B higest and best use recommendation begins on page 35 of the report, and concludes on page 37, where it states:

    “Ball Fields Were Not Desired Here”

    This study was commissioned by FAU in conjunction with the City Of Miami. Parcel B is deemed a problematic site in many respects – as it is not connected to anything to speak of.

    Soccer is played in Bicentennial Park, and should continue to be played there, as this park is connected to the rest of downtown and Biscayne Blvd, and parents can enjoy other activities in the new Museum Park while their children play soccer, if they so choose.