Wednesday September 5, 2007

Ah! TM Sisters on the cover of ARTnews (actually, just Monica). And it’s the “25 Trendsetters” issue. Unfortunately, the article is not available on line. Update: At Awesome-ish, theyz ave yr skanz.



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  1. jps    Wed Sep 5, 09:21 AM #  


  2. Monica    Wed Sep 5, 08:40 PM #  

    Thanks for posting this! The article is now on

  3. Donald    Wed Sep 5, 11:31 PM #

  4. miaedu    Thu Sep 6, 12:00 AM #  

    Hey Alesh,

    I’m surprised you didn’t comment and post on this article in sunday’s herald.

  5. alesh    Thu Sep 6, 08:25 AM #  


    Thank you for visiting. I’d like to personally apologize for your bitterness.

    miaedu~ I find CANDO sort of boring. Maybe I’ll post something. Thanks…

  6. knowless    Thu Sep 6, 09:50 AM #  

    donald that article was entertaining and ridiculous. being the anti-hipster is the hippest thing you can be! good move.

    these girls work hard at getting noticed. i’m not a fan of the work but i am reverent to their serious commitment.

    congratulations to them.

  7. Donald    Thu Sep 6, 06:08 PM #  

    Bitterness? That’s a bit presumptuous isn’t it Alesh?

  8. broke n' hip    Thu Sep 6, 07:19 PM #  


    sounds like you’re calling them “media whores” instead of “artist” or are those one and the same?

  9. knowless    Thu Sep 6, 07:34 PM #  

    “media whores?” take it easy…those girls have NOT a whorish bone in their body, even when they try to whore out the work…!

    that said, yes, they network; they meet people, and talk to those who they think are legitimate, and make their moves accordingly. ALL ARTISTS DO THIS! i try not to do it and it shows, if i were a little more confident and more of a bullshiter, and perhaps was more patient with those inside the art scene, maybe i’d be more reliable to myself as a self-sufficient artist through my art.

    besides, artist is such a diversified profession, if you can call it that, that anyone is an artist. ANYONE.
    even alesh is an artist!

  10. alesh    Thu Sep 6, 10:25 PM #  

    (no: i am not currently an artist.)

    Donald~ Linking to a “Why hipsters must die” article would be cool. If it wasn’t on a post the sole point of which was to congratulate the TM sisters for getting some much-deserved nationwide publicity. That, if you really think it needs to be spelled out, makes it look like you’re calling them hipsters who need to die, and that makes you an asshole. If you really feel that way then congrats on making your feelings known (in an admittedly clever way). If not, then please get professional help.

  11. Diversity of Opinion    Fri Sep 7, 10:56 AM #  

    Suggested reading, “The cult of the amateur”.

  12. Donald    Fri Sep 7, 02:00 PM #

  13. dig    Fri Sep 7, 04:05 PM #  

    Diversity of Opinion – Did you actually read this book?

    “Andrew Keen, notorious spammer, failed Web 1.0 entrepreneur, blog-hating blogger, and luddite troll author of Cult of the Amateur” —

    Knowless – Anyone can be an artist. But we all know it isn’t as easy as that.

    Is this, “these girls work hard at getting noticed. i’m not a fan of the work but i am reverent to their serious commitment“, a genuine statement?

  14. knowlessS    Fri Sep 7, 05:12 PM #  


    if you want to make art, you make art…
    what’s not that easy? it’s not whether your ignored, recognized, celebrated, coveted, good, bad, mediocre, or somewhere in between.
    the fact is anyone can call what they made art or themselves an artist, regardless of having their picture in a magazine, selling knick-knacks on 8th street, or having no need for a job outside your art-making.

    and yes, the bit about reverence, as overboard as it may seem, is genuine. they want to be in the dialogue and they’re doing what they have to, to achieve that; they’re devoted and focused and still the work does very little for me.

  15. alesh    Fri Sep 7, 06:04 PM #  

    I think the problem is that the word “art,” rather then being boundless, has several fairly distinct definitions.

    Sure, anyone can make art. Kids are REALLY GOOD at making art.

    But there’s a particular thing that “professionaly contemporary artists” (I’m shooting an arrow with that term and not really hitting the mark; hopefully I’m close enough that you know what I mean) mean when they talk about “art”, and it has to do with a way of seeing the world, hopefully, without blinders. Or maybe more particular blinders, if you want to say that.

    But in any case, making “art” in that sense is not particularly easy. What it takes, above all else, is a real dedication. You can dabble in art, but you’re really doing something fairly different from the person who’s really dedicated to it.

    Anyone “could have” made art. Can anyone make art? Only if you’re talking about art in the Bob Ross “making pretty pictures” sense, or some other fairly naive sense.

  16. alesh    Sun Sep 9, 08:57 PM #  


    Good one. Try this: Hipster-on-hipster hatred.

  17. jd    Mon Sep 10, 10:58 AM #  

    too bad artnews is a fucking joke of a magazine. Seriously, like they fucking know what is trendsetting???