Tuesday September 4, 2007

Don’t get drunk and hit your 6-week old child upside the head with a beer bottle when your wife gives her a haircut. You’ll get your picture in the paper and end up feeling silly.



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  1. knowblah    Tue Sep 4, 08:10 PM #  

    this isn’t critical miami worthy.

  2. Steve    Tue Sep 4, 09:11 PM #  

    I agree with Knowblah, Alesh. Why didn’t you just send this to me?

  3. alesh    Tue Sep 4, 10:01 PM #  

    What can I say — I don’t have the time to devote to this that I sometimes wish I had. I like this story because (1) it’s really really far-out, and it’s really set in Miami, and (2) it let me work in references to two things that I hold dear: (a) Don’t eat hair from your mom’s hairbrush, and (b) a dry-humor classic from Bill Farlow’s classic Weekend Mechanic’s Guide to Peak Performance and Handling:

    The faster and sharper the corner, the greater the lean. Lean can be severe enough to lift one of the inside wheels or it can cause the car to roll over. It’s best to keep all four wheels on the pavement. Rolling the car over can mess up the paint and make you look foolish.