Friday August 31, 2007

Cover story about NefariousGirl in Citylink this week! Grab the print edition, the online is but a pale shadow. Congrats, NG!



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  1. b.a.c.    Fri Aug 31, 04:35 PM #  

    hmmmm, I would hardly say MN competes with Jipsy. Wasn’t there a discussion about this on CM already?

  2. b.a.c.    Fri Aug 31, 04:35 PM #  

    oh congrats to Jipsy btw, I love her photographs.

  3. alesh    Sat Sep 1, 05:35 AM #  

    b.a.c.~ to link is to love, no harm meant insofar as i can tell. “competing” in the general “covering similar territory” sense, tho i agree that even there its a stretch, the intent i think is pretty different.

    BTW, it’s pretty cool that i get thumbnails of your entire photosets in my RSS, but I can’t click them to jump to the fullsize page. is that something you can fix?

  4. b.a.c.    Tue Sep 4, 10:06 AM #  

    I’ll take a look at the RSS feed.