Thursday August 30, 2007

Avery Smith home At Preservation Online, our pal Margaret Foster has a great story about the Avery Smith coral house which was partially demolished earlier this summer. The house was originally built in 1915; the demolished section was added on in 1939. Seemingly against all odds, the fight to save the house goes on. The city’s Historic Preservation Board and Miami-Dade County’s Unsafe Structures Board have both approved the demolition, so now comes an appeal to the city, followed by possible court action. Update: Fixed the link. Also, the article now carries my photo(!) which makes the historical one here obsolete, but nice anyway.

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  1. Dave    Thu Aug 30, 08:11 AM #  

    The critical points here is that The board said the owners can demolish the Avery Smith House if it is not structurally sound or able to be restored. Also, if the owners demolish it, Miami Beach preservation laws say they must build a replica. I am sure the structure is not so bad it cannot be restored and I am also sure that the current plans do not constitute a “replica”. They plan a four story commercial structure. This is proof once again that there is no credible enforcement of historic preservation laws in Dade County!

  2. b.a.c.    Thu Aug 30, 09:18 AM #  

    Can’t stop the wrecking ball called development.

  3. alesh    Mon Sep 10, 08:06 AM #  

    Oops hey the link was borked. Works now.