Thursday August 30, 2007

Roma Organic Gelato

Chef Mauro is just about the friendliest guy you’ll come across in Mary Brickell Village. He’s a recent transplant from Italia, here to make it big! Everything in his store is 100% organic, including the gelato (available by the kilogram!), sorbet, pastries, and soon espresso. He’ll shower you with tastes of all the flavors the minute you walk in, and tell you all about his little shop. The lights are clouds, and the toy airplanes and balloons are from Italy. “I have a zeppelin on the way!”

I suspect that all gelato is equally delicious (hence the often extravagant decor in these places), but this stuff is organic, so you can tell yourself it’s healthier. As always, I recommend getting a little cup with half of two different flavors. I also recommend setting some time aside to explore this neighborhood, between the Brickell high-rises and the slightly more seedy Tobacco Road neighborhood. There are some great little restaurants around, and the whole area is going to soon be built over, so check it out. Tell Mauro ‘hi’ for me.


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  1. Shawn    Thu Aug 30, 02:47 PM #  

    What is the name of his place and where is it located within Mary Brickell Village?

  2. Shawn    Thu Aug 30, 02:48 PM #  

    Oh wait I see the name “Roma Organic” – but I can’t figure out where on Mary Brickell’s map it is.

  3. Duran    Thu Aug 30, 03:47 PM #  

    It’s right next to the Starbucks and Grimpa Steakhouse. I pass by it every day on my way to work.

  4. Xavier    Thu Aug 30, 04:35 PM #  

    That’s a nice addition to the area. I’m gonna check it out. I hope Mauro does well.

  5. Marissa    Tue Sep 4, 05:08 PM #  

    I stopped by on Sunday afternoon… Absolutely delicious! Pistachio gets my vote! :o)

  6. Shawn    Fri Sep 7, 10:07 AM #  

    I went by last night and Roberto was there. He was such a nice guy!! You can tell they have a real passion for the food they create. He insisted that we personally try every flavor before we picked what we were going to get. Usually gelato places limit you to like two tastes but it wasn’t like that at all here. Also, the atmosphere is great and they had good music.

    And yes pistachio is the best for sure!!!

    Oh and I made sure to tell him Critical Miami sent me :)

  7. Andrea S.    Thu Jan 3, 06:25 AM #  

    Mauro, remember you’re Italian so don’t forget your origin, call us please ! TACCHINO