Tuesday August 28, 2007

Ian's hurricane Andrew journal

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My friend Ian was publishing a sort of zine around the time of Andrew, and in one issue he transcribed his journal from during and after the storm. His house was in the part of town that got hit really hard, and this is about as good an account of what happened that I’ve seen. I held on to it, and the 15th anniversary of the storm seems like a decent time to share. Click the image above to read. I also have high-resolution scans of the cover and inside pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. I unfortunately lost contact with Ian (don’t even remember his last name), and if anyone reading knows him, please have him get in touch, at the least to let me know if I can leave this up.

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  1. alesh    Wed Aug 29, 08:01 PM #  


    nobody bothered with this, huh?

  2. Biscayne Bystander    Wed Aug 29, 08:06 PM #  

    I was living in NY during hurricane Andrew. Just another transplant not giving a shit.

    Talk to me about Hurricane Gloria.

  3. tasha    Thu Aug 30, 06:01 AM #  

    Wow. I am so glad i read this. It really hit home back to when we were hiding out and ended up letting a 7 person family live in our dryish home. I used to love reading the kendall zines that rant on about anything and this one keeps going. thanks for scanning, alesh.

  4. mkh    Thu Aug 30, 05:59 PM #  

    Actually, I was busy with troubles of my own, but I really enjoyed the first few pages and sent the link to a couple of friends who lived through Andrew, too. (Yeah, I know it sucks to have put a lot of work into the scanning and writing and then have it apparently ignored. Sorry about that.)

  5. alesh    Thu Aug 30, 08:54 PM #  

    Thanks, Tasha. Stuff like this sometimes doesn’t completely make sense until you get to the end, and I’m glad SOMEONE took the time.

    Not “apparently,” MKH . . . since these slideshows generate page views, i get a pretty good idea of how much interest (And yes, often popular articles don’t generate much comment action.) there is in each one (unlike for most CM stuff), and in this case: zilch.

    Which is a shame because it’s a damn good story. I’m a bit bummed at how the regular sized scans came out, because they’re a little difficult to read, which is why I did the archival links.

    In any case, sorry for whining.

  6. knownot    Fri Aug 31, 03:59 AM #  

    i read it…no need to say how wonderful it is.

    “…the day everything became nothing…”


    i love truthful expressions…

    what now?


    i lived in perrine back then and it was “twighlight” zone to say the very least.

    thank you for that post.

  7. Annie    Fri Aug 31, 01:46 PM #  


    i was seven years old when andrew hit, or i’d like to think i would have written something like this myself.

    so thanks for putting it on paper.

    favorite line: “these days, you can’t even depend on certain doom.”