Monday August 27, 2007

Frances Nash rides the Metromover. “‘Please stand clear of the door,’ says the robot voice, as if we’re going to the Magic Kingdom to visit Mickey Mouse. The boys get off and a homeless-looking dude waddles on board. He tries to sell me some palm leaves twisted into roses and grasshoppers. I pretend that I don’t speak English, but he won’t take the hint.”



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  1. DJ_Kremlin    Mon Aug 27, 10:45 AM #  

    I ride the &^$% metromover every day. Well at least I attempt to ride it. The pile of crap is broken more often than not. When it is running, most of the cars I’ve had the pleasure to ride are disgustingly dirty and have no or very bad A/C.

    The management of the metromover needs to be thrown onto the third rail. What brilliant mind came up with the idea to run single cars on the Omni loop but double cars on the inner?

    When metrorail users such as myself come in to Government Center during the morning rush, most take the Omni loop to their final destination. Sometimes I sit there waiting for the second or third train just to get a spot. Yet on the inner loop the double train rides empty. Where is the logic?

    The metromover would be great if someone actually gave a damn to manage and maintain it correctly.

  2. mapache    Mon Aug 27, 11:20 AM #  

    It is amazing to me how bad public transportation is in this city. I have used public transportation all throughout th US, and never ever found one that sucks as bad as this one.
    There is only ONE metro line. One stupid metro mover, and buses are an absurd joke. When I first moved here from NY city, I lived in Doral and it took me 1 1/2 hours to get to my office in Coral Gables, door to door. That is why there is oooo much traffic in this city, because people actually NEED their cars to move fro mone place to the other. there is no real public transportation here. Going from the beach to Brickell on bus can take up to 45-50 minutes. And I agree with DJ_Kremlin, they need to fix those damn A/C’s. Where is our tax money going to in this city????

  3. Pissed in Downtown    Mon Aug 27, 12:27 PM #  

    lol our tax money is going to build more low income housing silly… we only care about the dirt poor, we don’t give a rats ass about the people that actually work for a living!

  4. mapache    Mon Aug 27, 12:49 PM #  

    yea but how the heck are the dirt poor people going to beg for money if we dont have decent metro system so they can do it on; like NYC or Chicago or Boston???
    At least we need to give’em that!!!!
    I cannot believe that this city as fast as it is growing has no Urban development plans for public transportation and a little more than two big roads going N-S and two major ones going E-W. It is sooo ridiculous. Has anyone ever been in the city’s bldg dept. downtown. It gives you the feeling of being in a comedy movie or something. the security guards dont even speak english.

  5. DJ_Kremlin    Mon Aug 27, 01:44 PM #  

    Welcome to Miami!

    Check out this article, you’ll appriciate it go to…

    Then click the TWSF Travel Review link.

  6. mapache    Mon Aug 27, 03:11 PM #  

    Now that was funny!!

  7. TJL    Mon Aug 27, 08:29 PM #  

    Pissed in Downtown: weird reply.. especially considering how poorly Miami actually does when it comes to low income housing.

  8. Pissed in Downtown    Mon Aug 27, 08:37 PM #  

    I don’t give a rats ass about the poor… I came from complete and utter rags. Yet have made a successful life for myself. If I could do it, anyone can. Thus I feel no pity, nor do I think that social “help” programs help anyone, they only enable the behavior that makes them who they are.

    I don’t want my tax dollars enabling some crack head whore who has popped out yet another kid so she can jack up her welfare!

  9. DJ_Kremlin    Tue Aug 28, 08:58 AM #  

    Yea baby!

  10. mae    Tue Aug 28, 10:36 AM #  

    With all the people doing organizing in this city around a variety of development issues, as far as I know, nobody is currently organizing people to demand better transportation- like a transit riders union. They have them in other cities. Maybe it could work here…

  11. DJ_Kremlin    Tue Aug 28, 11:55 AM #  

    mae… that could be a great idea.
    We do need a Union or a group of sorts that will ensure that the public’s (train users) voices are heard. Personally I’d be willing to pay additional taxes or higher transit fees if the money actually goes to upgrading and expanding rail or metro-mover transit in Miami/Dade county. Expanding buses is not an option as taking a bus takes just as long as driving.

    (that actually goes from somewhere to somewhere)

  12. mae    Tue Aug 28, 01:28 PM #  

    I’ve heard this group from Boston is pretty good.

    A quote from their page:
    ACE “organizes public transit riders to build a unified voice and movement for better public transportation in Greater Boston, Together, we develop and implement strategies to improve the quality of public transit…We have joined together to demand our fair share of service because the MBTA and the state have failed to meet the needs of riders in low income neighborhoods and neighborhoods of color. Buses are unreliable, crowded and slow, and continue to pollute the air we breathe with dirty diesel exhaust.”