Monday August 20, 2007

Looks like the website of Fredric Snitzer Gallery is being redesigned in Flash. Please please say it ain’t so!

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  1. Onajídé Shabaka    Mon Aug 20, 10:48 PM #  

    yeah, isn’t Flash so kewl! It takes longer to update, doesn’t give you good stats but, sure is the nice eye candy. After I had designed Kevin Bruk’s site a few years ago, he went 100% Flash too. No way to resize text, smallish images, and a some other things left unsaid.

    However, I can’t talk too much since Miamiartexchange has been talking about a site redesign for a year now. After testing various apps, designing a couple different looks, working on some changed concepts, its architecture is being worked on but, as you know, the site is massive after almost 7 years. I can’t make my partner do all the work… actually, he told me I need to do more of the work. :-)

  2. alesh    Mon Aug 20, 11:12 PM #  

    Specifically pertaining to Snitzer’s site, getting into Flash is bad for three broad reasons.

    1. What you mention — bad user experience. Most (not all) Flash interfaces are idiosyncratic, placing emphasis on the site rather then the content.

    2. The lack of URL’s — Google cannot index the pages, so artists do not show up in search results, and nobody can ever link to an inside page. If I want to write about Hernan Bas, I have to reference him somewhere other then Fred’s site, because there’s no way to link to Bas’ page.

    3. The backend. Fred has about an average record for the Miami gallery scene of keeping his site updated, which is to say poor. Unless there is some sort of back-end miracle going on, a Flash site promises to make this situation worse.

  3. Gus    Tue Aug 21, 09:45 AM #  

    Alesh, it looks like you hate Flash more than I do. I saw the picture of your machine at It appears that you don’t even have the Flash plugin installed. Is that so?

  4. alesh    Tue Aug 21, 10:11 AM #  

    I have a thing called flashblock — it turns flash apps into a button. Click the button and the flash executes. It’s great on sites that run flash ads, not so hot on sites that have their content based on flash.