Wednesday August 15, 2007

2 Live Looks gets the grand profile treatment from the Herald’s Jaweed Kaleem, including photos of the guys in action and a narrated slideshow. Congrats. (Oh, and I get quoted.)

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  1. Habla Mierda    Wed Aug 15, 10:41 AM #  

    I must be fashion challenged because if I ever dressed like any of the people they post in the site, well, I’d kill myself.

    That’s not even metaphorical suicide. If I was driving along and got rammed from behind by an 18-wheeler, flew out of my windshield, lost all my clothes in the air, fell on somebody dressed like a person featured on the site, in the ensuing tumble swapped clothes with them, then miraculously got up without a scratch on me only to find that I was now wearing that person’s clothes – I’d run right into traffic in hope the same 18-wheeler would crush me.

  2. l'elk!    Wed Aug 15, 12:21 PM #  

    maybe because you probably already look like you were hit by a semi? :P

    sorry, couldn’t help it.

  3. mkh    Wed Aug 15, 01:04 PM #  

    Man, Habla, are you sure about that? I mean, people say to wear clean underwear so you won’t be in the ER with skidmarked shorts, but you’d want your last ensemble to be something fashion-forward featured on the web? Brave soul!

  4. Habla Mierda    Wed Aug 15, 01:26 PM #  


    Shit, now that’s just quite the pickle you put me in. At least I don’t have the underwear problem. Freeball or bust.


    Simply uncalled for. :(