Tuesday August 14, 2007

There are problems with city-wide broadband in cities that led the way with it such as Philadelphia, and they’re trickling down to Miami-Dade, where the idea is little more then a glimmer in Carlos Alvarez’s eye. Increased projected costs, unforeseen obstacles, and the departure of a key employee.

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  1. Chris    Tue Aug 14, 10:21 AM #  

    I first read about this project yesterday. I was amazed that Miami was even trying. I really hope these setbacks do not kill the project.

  2. Habla Mierda    Tue Aug 14, 11:51 AM #  

    What really bothers me is that this isn’t exactly that difficult to implement from a technological standpoint and not very expensive from an economic standpoint.

    This could have been a high bang-for-the-buck project, but leave it up to our city and county government to completely screw it up.

    People in my apartment building have been spitballing the idea of getting a big pipe into the building, splitting the cost, and then going with a mesh network inside.