Monday August 13, 2007


5am Monday


5am Tuesday

A little early, but pleased to meet Tropical depression four, possibly to become Hurricane Dean at some point. Far away, but that curve sure looks like it’s feeling lucky. Update: 5 pm advisory: “The depression is moving quickly toward the west near 20 mph…and This general motion is expected to continue during the next 24 Hours. Maximum sustained winds are near 35 mph…55 km/hr…with higher Gusts. Some strengthening is forecast…and the depression could Become a tropical storm tonight or on tuesday.” Update (8/13, 11pm): Far be it from me to alarm anyone, but the 5pm map and the 11 pm advisory both have this shit edging ever so farther towards a direct line with us. You can now see this sucker in the lower right of the satellite map on CM’s home page.



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  1. J. Erick    Mon Aug 13, 06:50 PM #  

    I was looking at the computer models run this morning — seems to show that little movement to the left, then again, it’s so early to tell it’s anyone’s guess. What a nice way to start of the first few weeks of school, refreshment by Dean.

  2. Dustin    Tue Aug 14, 12:24 AM #  

    The latest models I have seen suggest that it could pull a complete C curve and travel up the Atlantic Seaboard. But that’s no fun. I have a friend who’s living in Orlando for the summer at her Dad’s. She’s excited and hopeful that she’ll get to witness this potential beast, should it strike close to Florida.

  3. Steve    Tue Aug 14, 09:12 AM #  

    We need the rain. If not the wind.

  4. Jonathan    Tue Aug 14, 12:31 PM #  

    C’mon, Alesh, cut to the chase. WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE. Yes. So let’s live our last days with gusto. Before it’s all over I plan to max out my credit cards in the Publix deli section.

  5. noneemoose    Tue Aug 14, 03:10 PM #  

    I’m not making the same mistake as last time. This time I’m using duct tape, and I’m gonna put it in a “W” instead of an “X”.

  6. Dustin    Wed Aug 15, 05:09 PM #  

    Dean is looking less and less likely to be a direct threat to Florida. The models keep shifting to the south, and it looks to pass directly below Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic) and through Jamaica, eventually crossing over the Yucatan Peninsula and heading toward the Gulf States and possibly the Texas coast. Further strengthening of Dean appears to be more likely than before; a category four hurricane can not be ruled out by this time on Monday.

  7. Don Noe    Wed Aug 15, 07:25 PM #  

    I just filled up my car with gas and my bathtub with water…but I do that every night!

    Ha, ha! Gotcha.