Monday August 13, 2007

Miami Nights’ review of M.I.A.‘s Kala. I too have been listening to it non-stop, and loving it. I thought Bird Flu and Boyz were great, and they sound much better on the album then on crappy YouTube stream.



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  1. Duran    Mon Aug 13, 04:18 PM #  

    “Jimmy” will single-handedly make M.I.A. a household name. It’s so sugary sweet pop, it almost rots your teeth. Yet, I can’t get enough of it!

    And I agree “Bird Flu” and “Boyz” are solid tracks. Though the standout track is definitely “20 Dollar.”

  2. alesh    Mon Aug 13, 05:02 PM #  

    Uhh… i haven’t listened to it enough to say for sure.

    Speaking (or not) of which, did you see me remix/video treatment of 10$ (second video)?

    My early impression is that the album is great, but less “relevant” for whatever that bullshit is worth, then the first one. I fear that Arular will go down the classic, with this one a notable #2, and subsequent efforts inducing cringe. Unlike, say, Missy Elliot, for whom you have to go to something like album #6 to get to any noticeable drop in quality (come on, Under Construction is the shit).

  3. Duran    Mon Aug 13, 08:25 PM #  

    Missy Elliot was/is hot… But I disagree with Kala being inferior to Arular. It was nice that she didn’t repeat the same formula this time around. I mean she could have easily done so, since it proved so successful. I like that she “toned” down her beats and sounds less political and more socially aware.

  4. alesh    Mon Aug 13, 08:30 PM #  

    OK, I just re-listened to “Jimmy” and I think you and your reviewer are both wrong. The songs is “amazing” against the backdrop of the rest of M.I.A.‘s output, in the sense that it’s, yes, much more pop friendly. But very little of what makes her special survives in the song.

    What you get is a generic 4/4 disco beat and a keyboard riff. It will, as Michael says, “drive you . . . right onto the dance floor” if you like your club music predictable and homogeneous. I’m sure this’d work great on e, but so would a million other songs by much less worthy artists. Personally, I prefer the fucked-up loops and non-western beats of Boyz any day.

    20$ is pretty dope. The thing that really sold me on MIA was listening to the first album with a lyric sheet. It remains to be seen if this one is equally effective in the lyrical realm (even when I can understand the words she’s saying, it’s difficult to follow the meaning).

  5. b.a.c.    Tue Aug 14, 11:16 PM #  

    XR2 anyone jeez?

  6. me    Wed Aug 15, 02:47 AM #  

    The whole thing is amazing. The beats are sick, lyrics clever and randomly get the point across.

  7. alesh    Wed Aug 15, 07:47 AM #  

    I didn’t SAY the whole thing wasn’t amazing. (And yeah, XR2!) Even Come Around, with Timerland’s lame rap, is great.

    I’m just saying it’s not the classic that Arular is. But who knows — it’s growing on me. Paper Planes lyrics:

    i fly like paper get high like planes
    if you catch me at the border i got visas in my name
    if you come around, hey! i make ‘em all day!
    i’ll get one down in a second if you wait

    sometimes i think sittin’ on trains
    every stop i get i’m clockin’ out game
    everyone’s a winner, we’re makin’ our fame
    bonefied hussler makin’ my name

    all i wanna do is
    [gun shots]
    and a [load up, ka-ching]
    and take ya money

    only wear skulls and bones
    sticks and stones and weed and bowls
    runnin’ when we hit ‘em
    little poison through the system

    no one on the corner has swagga like us
    hit me on my bella prepaid wireless
    we pack and deliver like UPS trucks
    ready goin haul just pumpin my gas

    all i wanna do is
    and a [load up, ka-ching]
    and take ya money

    third world democracy
    yah i’ve got more records in the KGB
    so uh, no funny business
    (you already are)

    sum-sum-summa summa murder
    summa summa summa now go

  8. Duran    Thu Sep 13, 11:52 AM #  

    Mark you calendar Alesh… M.I.A. rolls into town on October 29 at Studio A! Tickets for $27 go on sale through Ticketmaster on Saturday! Shit is going to sell out for sure.