Monday August 13, 2007

C.L. Jahn calls for the refreshment bar in Bicentennial Park to be re-opened. Not a bad idea: while we wait for the museums, couldn’t we have some security guards and some re-opened facilities there?



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  1. Christopher Jahn    Mon Aug 13, 03:16 PM #  

    How about we get TOP CHEF to do it? It could be one of their “elimination challenges.” :-)

    Even its current condition, the park is perfect for kite and model-airplane flying. Soccer games are already held there. The park could be made attractive again with just a little cleaning up. Heck, the Boy Scouts could do most of the physical labor for merit badges.

    The real drawback is that it forces the City and the County to do something about the transients that have taken up residence there. And I doubt they have the moral fiber to do anything about that.

  2. alesh    Mon Aug 13, 04:05 PM #  

    If you mean nudging them to move somewhere else, I think they have the fiber for that. Solving the larger homeless situation is another matter altogether.

    I agree that small measures would go a long way to making the park at least somewhat used. Problem is I doubt the city is capable of doing that without rolling it into a “park overhaul,” which I guess can’t happen while the Museum Park project looms.

  3. Christopher Jahn    Mon Aug 13, 04:33 PM #  

    Opening the joint would give construction crews a place to eat close to the project. But I admit, it’s probably a quarter million or more to get the place open. And that’s just to hose it out and replace the tables.

  4. Steve    Mon Aug 13, 08:22 PM #  

    Three words: Surgical nuclear strikes. Declare the area a Homeland Security Threat, and let the experts do their duty. When the Geiger counters quiet down, we’ll have ourselves a scenic picnic area.