Monday August 13, 2007

Somewhat relevant to our discussion about beating the heat, the Herald profiles the Hash House Harriers. “Not runners with a drinking problem, but drinkers with a running problem.” Turns out that running and drinking is a global thing. The lesson is clear: you gain more hydration from drinking beer then you loose through the alcohol. (thanks Steve)

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  1. Jonathan    Mon Aug 13, 05:04 PM #  

    Works in other sports too.

  2. alesh    Mon Aug 13, 06:09 PM #  

    Jonathan~ My bike came with a black sports bottle, and beer doesn’t stay cool in it for shit. I’ve experimented with combinations of things to try to get something that’ll provide simultaneous refreshment, hydration, and a buzz. Not much luck — the current contender is a 60/40 mixture of room temperature water and a strong red wine (one of the drier Australian Shirazes maybe). If that’s too weak for you, try adding a good splash of gin.

  3. Jonathan    Mon Aug 13, 11:23 PM #  

    Forget the bottle. Those things are like heaters. Remember, if God didn’t want you to have a cold one He wouldn’t have created bars and convenience stores.