Saturday August 11, 2007

Artificial Saturday



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  1. George    Sat Aug 11, 02:01 PM #  

    The Muflon looks like they belong in the Mountains out in Montana or something.

  2. Honza    Sat Aug 11, 02:38 PM #  

    Hi Alesh,

    First comment – hope your mom is doing well.
    Second comment – in one of those Chinese car crash tests, they had to disassemble the test dummy to get it out of the car afterward. This from a 40 mph crash. Food for thought (unless the food is from China also, in that case better just think twice & go hungry)….

  3. alesh    Sat Aug 11, 02:58 PM #  


    She’s fine; I talked to her this morning. However, fwiw, she’s has most certainly not become a fan of socialized medicine as practiced by the Czechs.

    The Chinese have a way to go with this stuff. I am encouraged by the recent demonstration of accountability seen in the execution of Zheng Xiaoyu that China will get its act together sooner rather then later.

    好的. 等一会儿. — the blog of a friend of mine living in Beijing right now.

  4. Honza    Sat Aug 11, 03:28 PM #  

    Speaking of socialized medicine, there’s a story in the online herald today about a doctor in N Miami Beach who practices anti-socialized medicine (my label for it). Same day service, cash paid in full, no insurance accepted….

  5. alesh    Sat Aug 11, 03:46 PM #  

    Whoa – - that guy is awesome. I don’t know how his practice relates to a long-term solution for the USA’s health care insanity, but more power to him. “He drives a Honda Accord with an Obama bumper sticker.” Funny — I was all over the Obama website looking for a place to buy a bumper sticker without any luck.

  6. mkh    Sat Aug 11, 06:15 PM #  

    Alesh, my understanding is that at the moment you can only get the stickers at his appearances. That may be old intelligence, though.

  7. otto    Mon Aug 13, 10:37 AM #  

    Speaking of China… did you hear about the executive in charge of all the Mattel toys (tainted with lead paint, that he bought from a close friend)?

    He hung himself this weekend. He was found in one of his warehouses.

    Must be strange to hang yourself in a large room filled with Tickle me Elmo’s.

  8. Honza    Mon Aug 13, 01:27 PM #  

    Well, it was either hang himself, or eat a bowl of dog food, or brush his teeth, or just chew on one of his Elmo dolls for a while….