Friday August 10, 2007

Local hero Fanless is next on the list to be serial-killed.

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  1. NicFitKid    Fri Aug 10, 08:40 PM #  

    Oh noes! fanless will b gone 4 evah! plz warn b4 the killer pwns fanless!!!

    Okay, maybe I overdid it on the silly talk, but that video is hilarious.

  2. ghettoboy    Fri Aug 10, 11:14 PM #  

    pleASE DONT write ghetto

  3. mkh    Sat Aug 11, 11:44 AM #  

    Please use proper capitalization and punctuation, “ghettoboy.” ;-)

    Can we have a moment of silence for FANLESS?

  4. alesh    Sat Aug 11, 12:15 PM #  

    fuck all that — fanless needs to get himself a 9 and be ready for this shit.