Wednesday August 8, 2007

The Herald argues that the HUD takeover of Miami-Dade County’s Housing Agency is unjustified, because the agency was in the process of mending its ways. Of course the sentiment that it’s quite well justified will persist. More here.

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  1. mae    Thu Aug 9, 11:35 AM #  

    I think Ana Menendez from the Herald has the best line about it in an article she wrote about the housing crisis-

    “The federal takeover of Miami-Dade’s housing program is good news for all those who believe that a local, incompetent bureaucracy can be reformed by a bigger, less accountable one.”

  2. alesh    Thu Aug 9, 02:23 PM #  

    Interesting mae — I was wondering what you, in particular, would think of this.

    But my understanding is that they’re not really trying to reform — just taking over until the agency can reform itself? Not really sure what the practical distinction of that would be, but I agree with the point that a big federal agency doesn’t have much chance bringing long term improvement.

    The thing about this that IS good, imho, is that it puts Miami-Dade’s ass to the fire even more then it was before, so it’ll hurry their reforms right along.

  3. mae    Thu Aug 9, 04:42 PM #  

    The Miami Workers Center has a pretty good analysis of the national trend, mostly since Bush took office, of the federal government taking over and privatizing local housing authorities. It’s been done in other cities and I don’t think it usually goes back to local control. Not an expert in this area but another issue is that Orlando Cabrera is the assistant HUD secretary whose orchestrating the takeover and hes the former legal counsel for the Latin Builders Association- the most powerful group of developers in Miami. Rumor has it, once it’s privatized the agency will be in the hands of the Latin Builders Association.

  4. TJL    Fri Aug 10, 08:22 AM #  

    Ana M’s piece was opinion… the main article was not slanted to/for HUD’s pending takeover.

  5. alesh    Fri Aug 10, 03:10 PM #  

    mae~ Huh? Yikes!

    TJL~ The article I linked to is the Herald’s editorial, which is most certainly slanted.

  6. mae    Mon Aug 13, 03:07 PM #  

    Check out this link that I just found which has more info.SCARY!!

    Here are some highlights from the article

    HUD is already in control of seven of the nation’s 4,100 public housing authorities. The list won’t give you much hope: Riviera Beach and Sarasota, Florida, Detroit, MI, East St. Louis, Ill., New Orleans, La., and Wellston, Mo., as well as the Virgin Islands Housing Authority. Quick: close your eyes and picture the public housing projects in Detroit, St. Louis and New Orleans! Feeling better yet?”

    “ The same guy (Asst Sec. of HUD, Orlando Cabrera) who was the General Counsel for the Latin Builders Assn. is the orchestrator of this entire takeover.

    The South Florida developers (LBA) will be rewarded for there efforts again….They will undoubtedly get federal contracts from the same agency that is screwing up so bad in New Orleans. These contracts will displace current public housing residents and of course build brand new facilities with the federal contracts.”

  7. T Jones    Fri Aug 24, 06:57 PM #  

    Can You Say Birmingham, Alabama?