Tuesday August 7, 2007

Tips for dealing with the summer heat

the sun

The Herald has tips for dealing with the summer heat. Don’t bother — it’s the usual stuff. Here’s some real advice (the comments are for what I’ve missed):

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  1. Dave    Tue Aug 7, 09:59 AM #  

    “When photographing in the sun, stand with its back to you.” Huh? Whose back? the sun?

  2. kingofrance    Tue Aug 7, 10:07 AM #  

    Flamingo Park pool

  3. alesh    Tue Aug 7, 10:42 AM #  

    Dave~ fixed it, thanks..

    kingofrance~ or better yet.

  4. Rick    Tue Aug 7, 11:01 AM #  

    Bogoa? Where’s that?

    Having run a couple of marathons, I can say that drinking alcohol and/or caffeine are two of the worse things you can do when exerting yourself in hot weather.



  5. alesh    Tue Aug 7, 11:16 AM #  


    Caffine myths. For the record, Critical Miami does not recommend hydrating with beer while running a marathon.

    As for Bogota, the link is already there. I can’t help you if you won’t click it!

  6. Steve    Tue Aug 7, 12:49 PM #  

    The best suggestion I can offer you wilting Floridian pansies is: wean yourselves off your addiction to air conditioning, and the so-called heat won’t trouble you nearly as much.

    As for beer, if it’s inadvisable to consume during marathons, the obvious solution is to stop running marathons.

  7. kingofrance    Tue Aug 7, 01:00 PM #  

    Are you guys kidding? At the Miami Marathon this year there was someone handing out beer at around mile 22 as we were coming out of the Grove.That beer was one of the best I’ve ever had.

  8. Rick    Tue Aug 7, 01:02 PM #  

    Alesh: marathon running was used as an example. If you would prefer, we could substitute your epic 1-hour bike rides instead.

    Exertion in hot weather to any degree, whether it be running or mowing grass, requires the replacement of fluids that are lost. Both caffeine and beer are diuretics that causes one to expel more liquids at a rate less efficient than water or other replacement fluids.

    Hey, but don’t take my word for it, you who has more knowledge and experience in everything. Grab your parasol and your beer and sashay down Washington Street. It will suit you perfectly.


  9. Rick    Tue Aug 7, 01:04 PM #  

    kingofrance: let me guess, 5:00 or 5:30?


  10. kingofrance    Tue Aug 7, 01:34 PM #  

    dude, I was so fast they gave me a medal at the end. (4:29)

  11. alesh    Tue Aug 7, 02:50 PM #  

    “ . . . at a rate less efficient than water or other replacement fluids.”

    Rick, I didn’t have you pegged as one of those efficiency-obsessed Americans. This’ll be like talking to a brick wall, but there are actually people out here that value things other then efficiency. Fun, for instance.

    As for my bike rides, I’m good for about four hours on the weekends; I prefer red wine with those. For the weekday 1-hour jobs, it’s usually bourbon. 100 proof — 80 is for pussies.


    What kind of beer was it? I’d think something light like Modelo Especial, or the champagne of beers, Miller High Life?

  12. Steve    Tue Aug 7, 03:12 PM #  

    Rick/Alesh: The way I get around losing water while mowing the lawn is to do it barefoot, thus absorbing water from the cut grass through the bottoms of my feet. Of course, that won’t help marathoners running on paved circumstances. Perhaps they mkgut try those rubber astronaut diapers instead, keeping lost fluids closer to the body.

    Miller High Life Light (not Miller Lite or Miller High Life) works very well, but last Saturday, doing the lawn, I tried that ghastly Mexican working class beer, Tecate, in cans. Excellent, except afterwards I had an urge to pick lettuce.

  13. Rick    Tue Aug 7, 04:12 PM #  

    kingofrance: next year you gonna run it??

    alesh: wow, you are quite the man! Now, get along, big boy, with your parasol and bikey.


  14. kingofrance    Tue Aug 7, 05:20 PM #  

    No. The race was really well organized, but the last half of the course is kind of boring.

  15. alesh    Tue Aug 7, 05:27 PM #  

    kingofrance~ Isn’t that where the beer comes in?

    Rick: Ouch, that stings. Worse then “Putz.” (Did you miss the fact that this whole thread is a joke?)

  16. Jonathan    Tue Aug 7, 11:33 PM #  

    This thread is a joke? Now you tell me. And here I was about to tell you all about my grandpappy’s special bourbon-and-espresso heatstroke remedy, which has saved me on numerous occasions during my daily 4-hour midday runs in the Everglades.

  17. billermo    Wed Aug 8, 01:36 PM #  

    Try going to Bogotá (elevation: 8,661 ft, and right off the equator) for a few weeks and walk around. The Miami sun will start to seem like a weak, distant light bulb.


  18. Ines    Thu Aug 9, 01:10 AM #  

    This was great! much better than the Herald’s tips. I have not been to Bogota, but have been to Cartagena and the heat just paralizes you.

  19. Adam    Thu Aug 9, 04:55 PM #  

    Glad to see someone finally sticking up for the science of beer-based hydration!

  20. alesh    Fri Aug 10, 12:05 AM #  

    Bogoa? Where’s that?

    Having run a couple of marathons, I can say that drinking alcohol and/or caffeine are two of the worse things you can do when exerting yourself in hot weather. — Rick (#4)

    I’ve been suffering guilt pangs for correcting the spelling of “Bogotá” in the post without acknowledging Rick’s pointing it out. I’ll let it go with just mentioning that when you’re making fun of a guy for missing a ‘t’, it’s funnier when you don’t miss t’s yourself. Truth that throws some meat to the dogs is no less worth telling for doing so.