Tuesday August 7, 2007

I noticed the “Herald reporter charged with soliciting prostitute” headline in my RSS this morning but wasn’t interested enough to click. So it turns out the reporter in question is none other then Oscar Corral, which has all the internets in a frenzy. Also, whether he remembers or not, Rick got ‘schadenfreude’ from me.



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  1. Rick    Tue Aug 7, 04:00 PM #  

    You’re right, Alesh. The world revolves around you and CM and everything that is written here. You are the first and only person I have ever read use the word. Full credit goes to you, Alesh. You are the man!

    BTW, I also used the word “critical” and “miami” the other day. Except not in the same sentence. It was a big day for Alesh!


  2. Schopenhauer    Tue Aug 7, 04:19 PM #  

    Now, now, boys. Plenty of credit to go around, especially in this boomtown. In fact, this letter I just received says I can get my own penthouse schadenfreude for only 1% interest (6.5% APR), and no closing costs. That’ll leave me just enough for that red schadenfreude with the racing stripe I’ve had my eye on…

  3. Steve    Tue Aug 7, 05:14 PM #  

    All credit to you, Herr Arthur Schopenhauer, and your Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung! (Unlike Alesh, you can can both spell and use “schadenfreude” properly.)

  4. alesh    Tue Aug 7, 05:32 PM #  

    My bad — I was cut ‘n pasting from the commenter at StoP. of course I spelled it right back in July when that word was featured in one of my saturday posts.

    I’m sure Rick’s use of it three weeks later was pure coincidence.

  5. Alex    Tue Aug 7, 06:18 PM #  

    Am I the only one who finds Alesh claiming ownership of “schadenfreude” funny, when his previous “usage” is merely a link to the Wikipedia definition? If he had used on a post, maybe.

    Let me go ahead and claim ownership of being a contrarian about Miami Spice, since I did it before Alesh. Oh, and a number of other “coincidences”.

  6. Manuel A. Tellechea    Tue Aug 7, 08:03 PM #  


    Let me stake here my claim to “contrarian.” I can prove that you learned that one from me (the word, not the thing itself, which is second nature to you as it is to me).

  7. Rick    Tue Aug 7, 08:10 PM #  

    I’m sure Rick’s use of it three weeks later was pure coincidence.

    Dude, get over it already. Really. Write something about your bike. Or seagulls. Or lane hogs. Anything. But, please, move on.


  8. mkh    Tue Aug 7, 09:12 PM #  

    Since “contrarian” is taken and “iconoclast” is played out, I’m staking a claim to “asshole.” The Miami royalties alone will be my retirement fund.

  9. nonee moose    Tue Aug 7, 10:30 PM #  

    I claim amalgam. I always liked that word.

    Oh yeah, and dubloon, too.

  10. wasabel    Tue Aug 7, 10:46 PM #  

    you’re a bunch of gawks!
    just wanted to use that word…i don’t really mean to insult anyone other than alesh.

  11. Jonathan    Tue Aug 7, 11:45 PM #  

    Fargin izeholes! I put your belles in a sling!

    Schadenfreude? Mit schlag, bitte.

  12. NicFitKid    Wed Aug 8, 12:50 AM #  

    Magnetohydrodynamics is mine, bitches.

  13. TUN-TUN    Wed Aug 8, 05:19 AM #  

    Cuanta mariconeria!!!!