Tuesday August 7, 2007

Yikes!: Gus and Michelle bought themselves a kayak, and on their maiden voyage were attacked startled by a 7-food crocodile. A pants-browning experience.

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  1. Rick    Tue Aug 7, 08:16 AM #  



    Nonetheless, an interesting read.


  2. alesh    Tue Aug 7, 09:00 AM #  

    It wasn’t really an attack, but it sounds like it felt like one at the time.

  3. alesh    Tue Aug 7, 09:01 AM #  

    Oh, wait:

    Jeebus. So sue me, counselor.

    Welcome back Rick! Not the same without ya.

  4. Gus    Tue Aug 7, 01:01 PM #  

    Alesh, it felt like I had seen a UFO. I’m not exaggerating when I say I was in shock. I was almost giggly, like I has had just witnessed a freak of nature. I’m embarrassed to say, I tried to convince Michelle to paddle back through the area to overcome our fear. She easily talked me out of it, so I guess I was really scared.

    It didn’t dawn on me until later that night how close we came to getting attacked. If we were two feet farther left, I may not be commenting now. It’s scary to think about. The water’s at least six feet deep. After seeing the animal’s power after it got spooked, if it grabbed me, there’d be nothing I could do. It would pull me under, and I’d be a goner. The Estate was closed. Nobody would have heard our cries for help.



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