Monday August 6, 2007

MIA approach: slideshow

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Back in April on returning from Bogotá, I snapped a series of pictures from the plane flying in to Miami International Airport. Here they are, annotated.

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  1. Eddie Suarez    Mon Aug 6, 10:48 AM #  

    Great pictures! Question is: Are you wearing a glow necklace? And if so, why?

  2. alesh    Mon Aug 6, 11:02 AM #  

    That’s two questions, Eddie. “Why” questions of this nature are always tricky from an epistemological perspective (as you’ll learn in any intro to psychology class), but the answer to the first question is: it’s a bracelet.

  3. Jonathan    Mon Aug 6, 11:25 AM #  

    Thing in the google view on photo 9 is a nav beacon.

  4. Steve    Mon Aug 6, 12:08 PM #  

    In photo 5 I see the graphic of an airplane on the roof of the American Airlines Arena, which I’d never seen before or knew about. Unless that’s plane parked there.

  5. Verticus    Mon Aug 6, 12:14 PM #  

    The plane graphic has been there from day one but since that comment was from Klotz (“as in blood”), he probably already knew this and was just kidding as he does so well. Anyway, the photos are amazing.

  6. otto    Mon Aug 6, 01:52 PM #  

    I see that there were no inmates out that day… in the bottom of picture 7…. that is a detention facility.

  7. alesh    Mon Aug 6, 01:59 PM #  

    Jonathan~ What’s a nav beacon?

    Steve~ Yep. Wired magazine: Make something that can be seen on Google Earth. Also, check this out — it’s a view of the buildings you can see in photo #9 with some air-viewable signage.

    Verticus~ Thanks. Snapped with my crappy great little pocket camera. Auto color in photoshop, followed by some unsharp mask. FWIW, this particular size really flatters these images — big enough to see all the details, but any bigger and their blurriness (shot through an airplane window) becomes obvious. You just about get all the detail there is to be had.

  8. Steve    Mon Aug 6, 03:12 PM #  

    I honestly didn’t know about the plane graphic atop the arena. First of all, I use FLL, not MIA, and second, whenever I fly I’m usually huddled in the aisle whimpering with fear, trying not to vomit up my adenoids, not looking out the windows. So it IS an IRL graphic, not a photoshopped add-on, right? Cool beans.

  9. Jonathan    Mon Aug 6, 04:56 PM #  

    I think it’s one of these . There’s another one on Virginia Key, and probably others in the area.

  10. alesh    Mon Aug 6, 05:13 PM #  

    Otto~ Thanks!! I corrected the caption.

    Steve~ Stop saying “IRL” and “meat-space.” But yes.

    Jonathan~ Cool.

  11. kingofrance    Tue Aug 7, 01:36 AM #  

    In that first photo of south beach? I think I can see my apartment building. Maybe. Sort of/kind of. Nice job though, and I still have that sunset photo from Broward you took awhile ago as my desktop at work. And yes, I tell everyone that I took it.

  12. srcohiba    Tue Aug 7, 12:33 PM #  

    great shots esp. from plane.

  13. lara    Tue Aug 7, 03:36 PM #  

    nice! thanks for sharing. i love aerial photos of my dear city :)

  14. NicFitKid    Tue Aug 7, 08:32 PM #  

    Jonathan, Alesh, and other interested parties~

    The nav beacon off NW 25th street in Doral is the Dolphin VORTAC, designated DHP. Go to and enter DHP in the navaid search box. This will bring up its info such as freq, call name, morse ID, etc. Included in all this is the latitude/longitude (25.7999617/-80.3490356). If you run those coordinates in Google Earth (or Google Maps if you don’t have Earth installed), it will take you straight to it.

    For those of you who drive by it, the site also has cows, although I can’t find any information regarding their utility in aeronautical navigation.