Monday August 6, 2007

Miami Spice: let the bullshit begin. Fuck you, Sushi Samba. Update: Lukewarm review of another MS experience, at $83/person. Enough to make a person long for good cheap food any day. Update: I was about to link to another review but I see that Rick is rounding these up. I’ve talked to a few people and read a few of these online reviews and have yet to hear a single MS report that’s more then “good.” And as Blind Mind says, “good doesn’t really cut it anymore.” Duh — especially when you’re spending $50 – 100 per person.

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  1. alesh    Mon Aug 6, 02:31 PM #  

    When a store advertises a sale, they honor it. But when a restaurant does a promotion, they take every opportunity to weasel out of it. I don’t know how restaurants get away with this crap, but they do. And they shouldn’t. Everyone who reads Paula’s story should avoid Sushi Samba like the fucking plague (and trust me, there’s nothing there that isn’t made better somewhere else) just on general principle.

  2. Bon Vivant    Mon Aug 6, 02:52 PM #  

    I agree the place is tacky any way!

  3. l'elk!    Mon Aug 6, 03:37 PM #  

    when a restaurant doesn’t offer a particular dish or menu it is most likely because they do not have the ingredients needed to make it. new menus require restaurants to make placements outside their usual ordering system. maybe they forgot to place the orders in time or maybe the shipment is running late. who really knows? i certainly wouldn’t resort to “fuck you!”. and its only food, calm down. :P

  4. paula    Mon Aug 6, 06:02 PM #  

    l’elk – That may have something to do with it. Maybe they forgot or something… It was kinda annoying to tell you the truth. I’m just glad I wasn’t set on their Miami Spice menu.

  5. alesh    Mon Aug 6, 06:19 PM #  

    The correct answer in that situation “we’re very sorry we can’t make that dish for you, but will gladly give you [X, Y, or Z] for the same price.”

    I’m sorry they “forgot” about Miami Spice, but they should eat the mistake, not force it on their customer. If it had been anything but a Miami Spice situation that would have been what would happen. Instead they were given some half-assed story.

    This reflects poorly on Sushi Samba AND on Miami Spice. Restaurants will pull this crap so long as their customers tolerate it.

  6. paula    Mon Aug 6, 07:40 PM #  

    Agreed. I’m not sure they forgot, although if they did, that’d be pretty pathetic. If their delivery didn’t come in time, fine, but at least some of the items on their Spice menu are on their regular menu so I don’t really know what the deal was. It definitely reflects poorly on the restaurant and the waiter didn’t offer much of an explanation or apology. Hopefully this was an isolated case.

  7. alesh    Mon Aug 6, 10:14 PM #  

    “Hopefully this was an isolated case.”

    Hopefully I’ll come across a crate of gold ingots tomorrow, but that’s not too likely, either. Anyway, sorry you had a crappy time at Sushi Samba. There’s a great Japanese place on the 1200 block of Washington called Maiko. It’s been there since before SoBe was cool, has a menu like a dictionary, and I’ve never had a bad meal there.

  8. Biscayne Bystander    Tue Aug 7, 12:42 AM #  

    The main page of their website promotes Miami Spice begining on August 1st. I would contact their corp headquarters in NY (212-691-7885).

    Miami Spice# is something I eagerly look forward to each year, with many of the participating restaurants extending the Spice offer/menu through September. My picks would be David Bouley’s Evolution, Atrio at the Conrad Hilton and an excellent excuse to check out Karu & Y.

    For anyone looking to drop a deuce before clubbing, Maiko’s also has the most sanitary bathroom of any restaurant on Washington Ave.

  9. mapache    Tue Aug 7, 09:52 AM #  

    Sushi Samba is tacky, and nasty. I went a long time ago when it had just opened and it was cool and the food was actually good. Then a year ago, like Paula’s story i had a friend visiting from out of town and took her there for dinner. It was nasty, the food was disgusting and the service was worse than anything i have ever experianced. The fucking waitress was actually snobbing us. Like we were not good enough to eat their crappy food. Of course the check comes and the tip was already included there, so I stood up and went to the ATM got cash and paid for the food leaving zero tip which was something incredible to this woman. Tip should be earned, its not a given, if they give you a good service, then by all means tip, but if the food is bad and the service sucks why should you?
    Sushi Samba is a piece of crap.