Wednesday August 1, 2007

Design tweaks at the

herald menu

Click over to any news story at, and you get this groovy new menu bar. This is the same design I complained about on the Carnival Center’s website last year. These are not too difficult to use but please Herald — can’t we have drop-down menus? You know, like we use on all of our software every day? Yes, I know they block a portion of your content, but when we’re on the menu we’re not looking at the content. Trust me — you’d make life much easier for all your users, especially the less computer-savvy ones.

That said, I really like the feature. I can jump to whatever section I need with one click, and scrolling through the menus gives a good overview of the site’s structure. Which leads me to the next logical question: why not on the home page? All usually I want from the Herald’s home page is to get to the local news in one click, and I’ve never been able to do that. Why, Herald, why? Why does the “News” link in the left column menu have sub-links for “Hurricane 2007” and “Obituaries” but nothing else? Hopefully you’re just trying it out, and then will migrate it to the home page. I like that idea of rolling out interface changes bit by bit, rather then doing a grand all-at-once “redesign.”

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  1. Habla Mierda    Wed Aug 1, 10:58 AM #  

    I don’t like the ideas of dropdowns, but what they have here is a interaction clusterfuck.

  2. Matthew    Wed Aug 1, 04:52 PM #  

    Agreed. A lot of the times new websites are way too confusing then the older versions. Hopefully, designers will soon realize that less is more in the wake of news websites.

    (this is a great local blog by the way, and if interested, i invite you to come check us out if you ever need content for it)

    —Matthew from the local desk at