Tuesday July 31, 2007

I just came across this glowing review of French Kiss Terrasse at something called “Blind Mind.” Guy sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, and very impressed. Checked it with Consumable Joy, who had a good first impression there. Sounds like a place worth checking out, right? Here it is.

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  1. Adam    Fri Aug 3, 11:08 AM #  

    Consistently good, I have eaten there many times and I have never had a mediocre meal. Friendly waitstaff who recognize you after the second visit and great changing menu. Outdoes the other French cuisine in the grove in both quality and price, though it is not exactly cheap.

    If they ever change their name and logo I think they will really do well. I guess I don’t want to think about someone else’s tongue in my mouth when I am eating.

  2. alesh    Fri Aug 3, 11:23 AM #  

    Yeah: “French kiss their ass.”

    Hey Adam, that’s a very nice web page you’ve got there . . . may I inquire as to the purpose of it?

  3. EN    Fri Aug 3, 12:21 PM #  

    By far my favorite restaurant in the grove. But don’t go there because I don’t want to have start waiting for a table.