Monday July 30, 2007

Walk Score calculates the walkability of your neighborhood by finding the closest grocery stores, coffee shops, etc. My South Beach apt scored 93, while typing random West-Broward addresses produced scores in the single digits. How did you do?

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  1. skipvancel    Mon Jul 30, 10:09 AM #  

    Very cool! My hood was listed as a 62, however, there is a park right next door to my house and Walk Score listed the nearest park as over half a mile away.

  2. Steve Klotz    Mon Jul 30, 11:06 AM #  

    My Hollyood neighborhood scored a 48, but most of the what was mentioned within walking distance are places I avoid for one reason or another. Why would I enter a fitness center, for example? They’re routinely populated by creeps. And the park is a drop-in center for vagrants.

    Interesting site, but you lose something when focusing on quantity at the expense of quality.

  3. Don Incognito    Mon Jul 30, 11:08 AM #  

    That’s a great little tool. My Miami neighborhood (northern Edgewater) rated 72, no doubt boosted by the recent opening of Midtown Miami. My other neighborhood, Virginia Square in Arlington, VA, scored a 78 (lower than I expected because of its its urban density, proximity to a large number of shops/restaurants and Metro line.)

  4. Andy    Mon Jul 30, 11:24 AM #  

    That’s a great little tool. My Midtown Miami neighborhood scored a 60. The place where I live in DC, a 98.

  5. Jonathan    Mon Jul 30, 12:31 PM #  

    It’s a nice concept but the execution isn’t very good. Mislabels some features, ignores others (e.g., the local Publix) and misleadingly assigns the same weight to big stores as to small. It’s useful even with these bugs, however. Would be great if they could improve the accuracy.

    Of course, people already know how their own neighborhoods rate, so it’s not clear how many people will use this service as more than a curiosity.

  6. NicFitKid    Mon Jul 30, 12:50 PM #  

    My old SoBe address: 89
    My new hillbilly address: 0

    I’d go get drunk about it, but it’s a long walk to the liquor store.

  7. Rick    Mon Jul 30, 12:53 PM #  

    From out in the hinterland of Pembroke Pines: 32.


  8. Xavier    Mon Jul 30, 05:24 PM #  

    That’s really cool. Love the concept. If it only factored in crime stats (muggings, etc.), then it would be perfect. Too much to ask for I guess.

  9. alesh    Mon Jul 30, 06:37 PM #  


    Exactly right. “Restaurants” is all well and good, but how about “Restaurants I like.” ?!


    The irony that your old SoBe address is serviced by a liquor store that has delivery!


    All in good time my friend — of course this works from pre-existing (re-purposable!!!!) information stored elsewhere. As crime info becomes redily available online it, too, will make its way into mashups like these. Viva the future or something.

  10. Christopher Jahn    Mon Jul 30, 07:14 PM #  

    I rated a 72 in Coral Gables. The house I grew up in (in Haddonfield NJ) rated 62. But my old address in Fort Lauderdale scored 91! I should have stuck with the homeless people on my stoop and the buses out the window!

  11. Robert    Sat Aug 4, 01:13 PM #  

    My neighborhood in West Kendall scored a 63. Surprise, surprise for “suburban hell”, right?

    Wrong. I do think the test is flawed for many of the reasons Jonathan stated, but the bottom line is that many older South Florida suburban communities built in the 1970s such as mine actually took community-building into consideration. Also, many places are a lot closer than we think, but we’re just too lazy to take the extra 20-30 minutes to walk to them.