Saturday July 28, 2007

Ghost town Saturday

italian town


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  1. almost nobody    Sat Jul 28, 09:10 PM #  

    the tact filter thing is ridiculous!
    M.I.A. is NOT banned in the U.S. (didn’t she just have a show in nyc?) and the link to “censored on MTV” isn’t only a year old, it doesn’t even mention mtv. the DIY link, on the other hand, is wonderful!
    oh yeah, and YOU’re a jerk.

  2. alesh    Sat Jul 28, 09:35 PM #  

    Don’t you hate it when you have a seeking suspicion who anonymous commenters are?

    As I understand it MTV refused to play MIA’s song ‘sunshowers’ until the line “like PLO I don’t surrender” was removed, and even then it was preceded by a disclaimer. (It’s an old story, and I couldn’t find a better link to the account of that incident.) She’s had numerous visa issues getting into various countries to perform her music, of which the USA is but one example (the formulation ‘Banned in the USA’ is a nod to Luther Campbell/Bruce Springsteen).

    The tact thing is ridiculous only so far as your outbound filter is nonfunctioning.

    How about that Kanye West video though, huh?

    I concede that I’m a jerk.

  3. almost nobody    Sun Jul 29, 11:51 AM #  

    you mean sNEAking suspicion.

    “outbound filter nonfunctioning?!” i don’t think you know what tact really is anyway.

    and yes, the kanye west video IS lovely.

    but this is truly inspiring; you’ve probably already seen it though.

  4. Steve Klotz    Mon Jul 30, 09:14 AM #  

    What’s the story on that abandoned village in Italy? Pictures DON’T say a thousand words.

  5. Christian    Mon Jul 30, 11:07 AM #  

    I don’t know who made that Steven Wright page but two of them are Mitch Hedberg jokes… the one about making mistakes in his sleep and his girl getting poison ivy on the brain, specifically