Thursday July 26, 2007

More Miami21 meetings

You asked for more Miami 21 meetings, and you’ve got ‘em. Here’s a schedule from an e-mail they just sent, also available on the schedule page of the Miami 21 website. I’ll go on record once again saying that the website is a mess, and that a project of this magnitude (and budget) should be ashamed for dealing with the internet in this flimsy way. Still, the information is there, and here are your opportunities to learn what it’s about and speak your peace.

Date Location Address Time Net Area
Aug 2 Simpson Park 55 SW 17th Road 6pm Coral Way
Aug 7 West End Park 250 SW 60th Ave. 6:30pm   Flagami
Aug 9 Police Benevolent Assc. 2300 NW 14th St. 6pm Allapattah
Aug 15 Curtis Park 1901 NW 24th Ave. 6pm Allapattah
Aug 16 Belafonte Tacolcy Center   6161 NW 9th Ave. 6pm Model City
Aug 20 St. Michael 2987 West Flagler St.   6pm West Flagler
Aug 21 Disabilities Center 4560 NW 4th Terr. 6pm Flagami
Aug 23 Orange Bowl 1501 NW 3rd St. 6pm Little Havana
Aug 27 Citrus Grove Elementary 2121 NW 5th St. 6pm Little Havana
Aug 28 Frankie S. Rolle Center 3750 S. Dixie Hwy 6pm SW Coconut Grove
Aug 29   Hadley Park 1350 NW 50th St. 6pm Model City
Aug 30 Shenandoah Park 1800 SW 21st Ave. 6pm Coral Way
Sep 4 Coral Way Elementary 1950 SW 13th Ave. 6pm Coral Way
Sep 5 LaSalle High School 3601 S. Miami Ave. 6pm NE Coconut Grove

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  1. Andy    Thu Jul 26, 09:04 AM #  

    That’s true. The website is ridiculously amateur.

  2. alesh    Thu Jul 26, 09:16 AM #  

    . . . all the weirder because City of Miami has a pretty good site.

  3. mae    Thu Jul 26, 09:53 AM #  

    Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but I think that the site is purposefully complicated. I don’t think the Planning Department, Mayor, or DPZ actually want normal folks to understand or engage too much with Miami 21. They advertise it on bus stops, but if any normal resident happened to be interested enough to look at the site, they would feel totally overwhelmed and leave quickly. The public meetings, historically, have been similar. I think this a fake participatory process. This fake participation is built into the New Urbanism model of design. Not to bash on New Urbanism, because I actually think it’s pretty cool, but if you read their handbooks about how to engage the public, the meetings and spaces they create for people to participate are set-ups to make you feel included, not to actually include you. It’s still unclear, even to the Commissioners, how many real changes have ever been made from public comments and feedback.