Saturday July 21, 2007

Lift Saturday



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  1. Jonathan    Sat Jul 21, 01:46 PM #  

    “In effect, Edelman was telling her three things. First, you’re practically a traitor for even asking these questions. Second, maybe we do have contingency plans for withdrawal, but we’re not going to tell you about them. Third, run along now, little lady, I’ve got work to do.”

    That’s an interpretation. If you read what Edelman actually wrote it’s clear that he said none of these things. Clinton asked a trick question for political reasons. Edelman called her on it by pointing out, quite eloquently, why the DoD could not respond publicly to such questions (as she knows). Clinton responded by changing the subject and accusing Edelman of questioning her patriotism, which he never did. The liberal press is full of indignation because a political appointee of the Executive branch dared to tell a politician of the other Party to take a hike, instead of playing along with her political script. This is all politics and Clinton lost this round. There won’t be any long-term political ramifications because most people understand that Clinton was grandstanding, and the people who think Edelman somehow abused Clinton are going to vote for Clinton anyway.

  2. blog etiquette    Sun Jul 22, 10:41 AM #  

    you should credit where you first saw these links. it’s called etiquette. pretty sure i know where you got the best one.

  3. alesh    Sun Jul 22, 04:26 PM #  

    What, you mean boingboing? FYI, I’ve linked to the source of every single one of those links in the recent past.

    but thanks for the lecture, anonymous troll.