Thursday July 19, 2007

Fun with the Coconut Grove billboard

Coconut Grove Grapevine, July 14.

Transit Miami, July 19.

Wannabe Yuppies, Rich Hippies

— Critical Miami.

Update: Another one.

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  1. Habla Mierda    Thu Jul 19, 10:41 AM #  

    My contribution

    ugh, I hate the grove.

  2. Dave    Thu Jul 19, 11:09 AM #  

    you forgot my favorite….Corrupt county officials 4 Miles/ Corrupt city officials .5 Miles!

  3. alesh    Thu Jul 19, 11:22 AM #  

    Habla Mierda~ Awesome.

    Dave~ Disqualified on the technicality that CG is not a city. Not bad though.

  4. Eddie Suarez    Thu Jul 19, 11:25 AM #  

    Alesh,on Dave’s comment… Miami City Hall is about .5 miles that way from the sign. :)

  5. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal    Fri Jul 20, 01:28 AM #  

    Nice Dave…

  6. Dave    Fri Jul 20, 07:18 AM #  

    Thanks Eddie and Gabriel, that is what I meant. I was thinking of Dinner Key City Hall. By the way, if you all are interested, tonight they will screen a documentary there on the old Miami Stadium…and its free! Starts at 7 PM

  7. hmmmm    Fri Jul 20, 11:12 AM #  

    i would have to go with “blacks overrun by gentrification” and “more blacks overrun by gentrification” on this one.