Tuesday July 17, 2007

Biscayne blvd renovation

Diagram of the Biscayne Blvd. streetscaping currently underway south of I-395. Gabriel has an overview of everything planned for this stretch, full of links and images. I still don’t see, though, how getting rid of the median parking (only “useless” if you’re not looking for a place to park, btw) around Bayside makes the road less daunting for pedestrians — the number of lanes isn’t changing. Also: a Metromover overhaul (replete with more heinous Photoshopping).

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  1. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal    Tue Jul 17, 10:56 AM #  

    Any surface parking is useless because we can think of hundreds of better public uses for the land. Surface Parking in a CBD is impractical and an eyesore.

    With respect to the road becoming less daunting, I am assuming that major safety overhauls will take place, otherwise, you’re correct it will be just as bad as crossing Kendall Drive…

    Can’t find the “heinous photoshopping” btw…

  2. alesh    Tue Jul 17, 11:42 AM #  

    Sorry I should have explained it better . . . they’re using the Shadow/Highlight feature, but using it like a junior high school kid who just discovered it and is blown away by it’s “magic.”

    I guess I agree with the parking thing. But they need to build a garage or something, because, honestly, on the weekend it’s almost impossible to park in that neighborhood — the lots and the Bayside garages are often 100% full.

    Hey, I have an idea — what about if they dig a trench for Biscayne for part of the stretch, and create a public plaza pedestrian bridge (level with the ground) over it? Wasn’t there talk of doing something similar with I-395 at some point (at least the underground part)?