Monday July 16, 2007

The odd case of Tough Sports Live, a locally based website that broadcasts cockfights from Puerto Rico (where they’re legal) on the internet. David Oscar Markus of the Southern District of Florida Blog is defending the site in court. The Herald’s coverage of the case links to the site, which Bob Norman points out is unusual, and may be a sign of some shifting realities in how the newspaper deals with the internet.

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  1. Robert Galvo    Mon Jul 16, 02:25 PM #  

    People should have the right to watch and transmit any program if its legal in its origins. We hunt defensless dear in the USA and no one has anything to say. Why should we monitor everything other cultures do?? Because we are Americans. Thats why we are in trouble around the world. Double standards for everything. Fishing is cruel. Boxing and MMA is cruel, Bull riding is cruel. Let other cultures do their native sports.