Monday July 16, 2007

A very interesting editing war is underway over the Wikipedia entry for Biscayne Landing.

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  1. Gus    Mon Jul 16, 06:07 PM #  

    I don’t understand those Wikipedia revision history pages. Can you tell us what’s going on?

    BTW, your article about the sordid tale at Biscayne Landing was great!

  2. alesh    Mon Jul 16, 06:16 PM #  

    It appears that the user “Marketingsupport” first deleted the whole entry and when that didn’t fly tried to remove some of the information to make it sound less bad. Here, for example, they removed all the references to the name of the project, the developers, and some other stuff.

  3. kelly    Tue Jul 17, 10:16 PM #  

    so interesting. thank you.