Friday July 13, 2007

The Sun-Sentinel’s web page has been redesigned for the usefuler (obviously inspired by the fabulous Word is that is undergoing an overhaul right now, to be launched in the near future.

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  1. Happy Grovite    Fri Jul 13, 06:35 PM #  

    Yuck! It’s still a convoluted disorganized mish-mash of random content….no structure….no logical sequencing from place to place…..
    Only the dinky little center column makes sense.
    But yes, the Herald is actually worse!

  2. Christopher Jahn    Mon Jul 16, 09:39 AM #  

    I posted some specific criticism at the Sentinel site, and at least one of my complaints was addressed the next day!

    I don’t think the new site is any better than the old site, but at least they are listening and responding.

  3. alesh    Mon Jul 16, 10:07 AM #  

    What was the criticism they addressed?

    I’m working on a review of the redesign, maybe for tomorrow.

  4. Jonathan    Mon Jul 16, 11:11 AM #  

    They hid the Doppler radar display on the weather page. That is one of the most useful features there. Maybe it’s an oversight.

  5. CL Jahn    Mon Jul 16, 12:36 PM #  

    In the “top stories” box, navigation of the topic ends with the “top story”, forcing the user to scroll waaaaaay down the page if they want to navigate to the topic directly . They’ve now added a link to take you directly to the section.

    My full list is on page four of the discussion forum there.