Thursday July 12, 2007

The listing has a couple of factual errors, but Miami made FastCompany’s 2007 list of Fast Cities. Apparently we’re a “Cultural Center,” along with Barcelona and Dakar.



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  1. j-j    Thu Jul 12, 07:46 AM #  

    what are the factual errors? just curious.:-)

  2. alesh    Thu Jul 12, 08:09 AM #  

    They have Pelli designing MPAC in the present sense. Also, I take issue with “Five years ago, Miami’s Wynwood Art District didn’t exist.” It was in its infncy, but it existed.

  3. j-j    Thu Jul 12, 10:07 AM #  

    thanks :-)

  4. yo breath stanks of tar in yo teeth    Thu Jul 12, 06:52 PM #  

    Wynwood used to be happenning two years ago but now the galleries remain mostly empty on gallery walk nights. Art Basel and its concurrent fairs happen only once a year then the cool goes away. Crispin Porter + Bogusky is relocating to Colorado, and I think there was a study in Newsweek where they actually examined case studies of cities that spent millions in architectural marvels that ended up being failures and didn’t contribute to the urban progress of said city. Spending tax-payer money on architecture without a cohessive urban plan is not a sign of progress but of city comissioners with loose pockets. Thank goodness for Miami’s marketing and PR guru’s, who’ve done a great job sexifying Miami (Beach.)

    Oh, Miss J-J
    Do your own frigging research. Always piggybacking on others to do your homework. Weren’t you cruelly mocking Alesh after they won New Time’s Best Of?

  5. J-J    Thu Jul 12, 11:04 PM #  

    gee, the people with ultra negative names leave the most cruel comments…er I did not ridicule alesh for winning the Best Of…don’t know what you are talking about…still, thanks for your opinion.

  6. Exterminator    Sat Jul 14, 02:49 PM #  

    Went to the Design District yesterday afternoon. Desolate streets, plenty of shops closed, nowhere to find a soda or sit down (two restaurants contacted said they only opened for lunch), nowhere to sit down, not exactly a thrilling experience. The Design District can’t just be the a twice-a-month affair when it comes alive.

  7. c    Sat Jul 14, 10:18 PM #  

    Uh Exterminator, who’s talking about the Design District? Wynwood was mentioned. They are two separate neighborhoods. And nothing seems to be closing in the Design District, it’s bustling.